14 of The Best Modern Sectionals That we Love

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modern sectional sofa

The focal point in any living room is the sofa, so if you splurge on any piece of furniture, this is the one to do it on! Sectional couches can be pricey, but guarantee your purchase will fit your space exactly how you’d like it to. If you’re not sure what size or style of sofa your space needs, consider looking at these options! The choices available to you range from simple two to four chunk couches that take minimal effort to assemble and style to fully customizable sets with as many pieces as is needed.

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Modern Sectional Sofa

U-Shaped Sectionals

A U-shaped sectional is the way to go if you want a piece built for stretching out on. These pieces have two chaise lounges on either side for people to lay on, with a more traditional sofa section in the center. These pieces work great for a family lounge room and lend themselves to movie nights and easy chatter between friends.

  • Interior Define: Charly Three-piece
  • Size: 33.5” H, 63”-73” L, 133”-173” W
  • Material: Bouclé, Chenille, Knit, Texture, Tweed, Velvet, Woven

For those who know they want a U-shaped sectional but want to be able to customize almost every part of it, this couch is a comfortable and easy choice. You can choose the material you want and select the color from an extensive catalog, the length of each chaise seat individually, and the color of the feet. If you’re okay with paying a little extra, you get access to even more options. If the standard 133” width is too small for your space, there are options up to 173”! You can even choose the fill of the cushions to match what will work best for you. One downside is that it can take a long time to ship, anywhere from five to six months after you order it.

Crate and Barrel Peyton Three-Piece

modern sectional sofa

  • Size: 111″Wx149.5″Dx32.5″H
  • Material: variable
  • Made to order

This sectional is a luxurious and comfortable piece, with a sinuous wire suspension built in to make sure you sink into the couch every time you sit down. The back cushions are filled with full-blown fiber, and the seat cushions are polyfoam, creating a cozy and comfortable seat. The color is fully customizable, with large color swatches in several shades. If there’s a quality you have to have in your couch’s material, Crate and Barrel offers a range of materials you can choose from, including highly durable and family-friendly materials that are perfect if you have kids, pets, or both. A slight downside of it being made to order as you’ve customized it is long wait times for delivery; this couch can also take around six months to arrive.

Anthropologie Agnes Three-Piece

  • Size: 152” W, 43” D, 34” H
  • Material: Chenille, Crosshatch Weave, Velvet, Beaufort Boucle
  • Made to order if customized

modern sectional sofa

While on the pricier side, this sofa lives up to the cost. The 70’s inspiration adds a vintage flair to a room while still being a brand-new couch. The circular design is fantastic for fostering conversations with guests. Still, if you’re just looking for a place to crash for family movie nights, the deep plush also lends itself perfectly to that purpose. Every cushion is removable for easy washing and care. Each material has its own swatch of colors so that the sofa can match any room. If you choose to customize your couch this way, the delivery may take up to six months since they’re custom made, but Anthropologie has some models already in stock. If you decide to get one of these prebuilt, the shipping usually takes about a month, a much shorter wait time than most other couches!

Simple Sectionals

U-shapes not your style? Two chaise lounge sections taking up too much room in your home? These simpler sectionals may be the right choice for you. These sectionals come with an ottoman or the chaise lounge on one side of the couch, allowing more open floor space. The individual pieces may also be smaller than the pieces of a U-shaped lounge, making it easier to get the sofa in the door.

West Elm Modern Thin Legs Four-Piece

  • 94″W x 64″D x 30″H
  • Material: polyurethane foam core
  • Assembled upon delivery

This sectional is an easy, elegant four-piece couch that’s easy to rest and relax on. The sofa has two armless pieces,  a corner piece and an ottoman, allowing you to configure the pieces to match the space you need them in. It comes in three colors, one of which is patterned, all of which are neutral enough to match any room. The individual components can be clipped together with alligator clips to ensure that no pieces get too far away from the others. West Elm offers “White Glove” delivery, meaning upon the arrival of your couch, they will bring it into the room you want the sofa in, assemble it for you and take away the packaging, making the delivery extra convenient. While this sofa lacks some of the customizability of others, the delivery time is much shorter at around 1-2 months.

Apt2B Monroe Three-piece

  • Size: 112″W x 111″D x 31″H
  • Material: Dependent on color
  • Made to order


Despite being three sections, this sofa doesn’t take up tons of space in a room. The chaise lounge can be on the left or right, depending on your needs. If three pieces aren’t enough for your needs, Apt2B offers a sectional builder so you can order the sofa that will perfectly suit your space. The sofas are all made to order, with 57 different color swatches to pick from. An extra benefit is that all the cushions are removable, making for easy cleaning! The delivery time is very short, considering that it’s all custom-made when you order; it only takes about a month to ship out to you.

Apt2B Vera two-piece, $3,548

  • 118″W x 95″D x 29″H
  • Material: velvet

If you’re looking for a couch to break up a large room, this two-piece sectional may be the way to go. The sofa is an impressive 10 feet wide, providing tons of space to stretch out and relax. The main body of the couch is 3.5 feet deep, meaning you should be able to sink into the sofa every time you settle down. Each cushion is removable for easy cleanup, and the throw pillows to compliment the sofa are included! When the couch ships, it should take around five business days to get to you when they are in stock.

Anthropologie Dylan Sectional Modern Sectional

  • Size: 29.5″ H x 147.0″ W x 61.5″ D
  • Material: Montauk Performance Linen, Velvet
  • Made to order if customized

This low, modern-style couch offers a clean and minimalist look to any space. The chaise lounge can be placed on either the left or right side of the sofa, and the foam core of the cushions is wrapped in down and feathers for a plush feel. The cushions are removable for cleaning, and the cushion covers are reversible. This sofa offers customization in color, material, and orientation. It can take up to six months to ship as they are built to order. However, if a style you like is in stock prebuilt, it will only take two to four weeks to ship after it’s ordered! One of my favorite modern sectional sofas!

Urban Outfitters Maia Three-Piece Modern Sectional Sofa

  • Size: 91.9”L x 61.6”W x 30.9”H
  • Material: Polyester
  • Colors: Cream, Mustard, Green, Terra Cotta

This simple sectional is perfect for smaller spaces at seven feet in width. These are not made to order like others on this list, but they make up for their quick shipping time of two to four weeks. This sofa is three sections: one armless piece, one corner, and one long arm piece. You can choose which way the arm faces depending on your needs. All the cushions are removable to make cleaning easier. 

Arhaus Owen Seven-Piece

  • Size: 168” W, 36” H, 126” D
  • Material: Textured boucle performance fabric
  • Made in America

This sectional offers less customization than the others on this list. Still, the high price becomes justified when you take a closer look. This sofa has seven separate pieces and can be configured in any way you want in your home. It is hand-built by artisans in North Carolina, with eco-friendly foam making the cushions. The seat cushions are filled with down feathers and poly-fiber to create a feeling of sinking into the couch. Once this couch is ordered, it takes around 16 weeks to ship.

Serena & Lily Pacifica Corner Sectional

  • Size: 107.5″W x 34″D x 28″H
  • Material: Performance fabric

If you’re looking for some nice outdoor seating for your home, this sofa would be a great choice. With an aluminum frame and a weatherproof resin coating on the cushions, this sofa should be able to handle anything mother nature has to throw at it. The fabric resists UV damage and general weathering. This sofa will stay in good condition for a long time. The cushion covers are removable if needed, and the fill is a soft, weatherproof polyester and foam mixture. While everything is fully customizable, the made-to-order sofas will take four to six weeks to ship. If you like their quick-ship options, these will not be made to order but will arrive in two to four weeks instead.

The Most Customizable Sofas

If nothing already listed has fit your needs, you’ll want a sofa that you can customize in every single aspect. Luckily, these sofas provide that! These sofas may be multi-purpose, purchasable in individual pieces, and configured exactly how you need them to be.

West Elm Harris, $649 – $2,399

modern sectional

West Elm offers a significant amount of customization, enough that it’s not possible to list the dimensions or material the couch is made of. This sofa is available to purchase as individual sections, allowing you to buy the pieces you need to assemble the perfect sofa for your home. Suppose you don’t want to go piece by piece and prefer to order everything at once. In that case, West Elm provides a tool for each of their sectional couches, allowing you to custom build your own configuration before you order. These tools let you change the material, color, leg finish, and the number of pieces to your heart’s content before ordering your couch. If you want your couch to double as a place to sleep for guests, you can also purchase a sleeper section for this sofa!

West Elm Andes

This couch is just as ultra-customizable as the Harris, the main difference being the style. There’s more clearance for the legs on this couch, and the arm height is much lower. The Andes couch has a modern feel and classes up any space while remaining nice and comfortable. You can buy pieces individually, but a customization tool is available for this couch as well! You can pick and choose as many pieces as you want, including the material and even the finish on the legs.

West Elm Haven Modern Sectional Sofa

The lowest of the West Elm sectionals, the Haven sofa creates the feeling of sinking into the cushions, filled with a down alternative and polyfill blend. The cushions are reversible, and the covers are removable for easy cleaning. The hidden legs give this sofa a sleek feel, perfect for stretching out and relaxing after a long day. This sofa is purchasable in individual pieces, meaning you can add pieces as you need. Of course, you can also build a custom configuration and order several parts at once. 

Allmodern Intention Modern Sectional Sofa

  • Size: 33” H x 124” W x 83” D
  • Material:  Grey stain-resistant fabric

This minimalist sofa is a fantastic addition to any living space. It comes in six pieces: two seat cushions and four backrests. Each piece is fully modular and can sit together in any configuration you need. The most significant benefit of this design is the ability to split all the components to create any layout that will work for your space. The sofa comes with two knife-edge pillows, which are great as headrests if the back is too low for your preference.

Burrow Nomad Seven-Piece Modern Sectional Sofa

  • Size: 114″ L x 114″ W x 35″ D x 33″ H
  • Material: olefin fiber weave

This large sectional is fantastic for social gatherings, able to seat seven people, and able to be expanded if necessary. Each seat is a separate block, so extra blocks can easily be slotted on to create a larger couch. The design is sleek and modern and will fit nicely into any space. There’s a range of colors to choose from so your sofa matches your room and several other customization options. There are three different arm styles to choose from. The back cushions are reversible for either a tufted or sleek look. If you’re willing to spend a little more, you can opt to have an ottoman, movable chaise lounge, and a sleeper set added to your order.

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