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kia cadenza at home test drive

Well, it’s official. I said goodbye to my 1995 Lexus! After 13 years together, it was time to move on. Through high school dances, road trips, college, city living & marriage — we truly did it all together! Isn’t it funny how many memories we make with our cars? Since we moved from downtown Chicago — we currently only have one car. If you’re familiar with the burbs, that’s a no-go. Especially with a little on the way. So, we are officially on the hunt for new wheels! Mmmm new car smell, nothing better! Oh, and just to recap our year: marriage, puppy, house, baby & car. Get err done, I guess?! Also, adulting is really expensive. Send wine grapefruit juice. 

If you caught my Instagram stories yesterday, you saw that I got to test drive the brand new Kia Cadenza. One word: luxury. Remember: This girl is coming from a cassette player, ha! I would literally plug my iPhone into my cassette player to play Spotify — that’s a true 90’s bluetooth right there. (Does anyone else still do this?) Clearly, I was amazed by every feature. How far technology has come over the years. I’ll recap my favorites below. But, first — wanted to share the most exciting part about the Kia Cadenza experience:

they come to you for the test drive!

Whether you’re at work/home — they’ll meet you at any destination you choose, completely free. Have fun, ride in luxury & receive a luxurious gift just for driving, no strings attached. (Spoiler alert: I picked the Bose headphones, but there’s multiple options). It’s a fun way to spend your lunch break & you get a little treat along the way!

Simply sign up here (Only 2 more weeks left!) PS: If you sign up for a test drive with my link — Screen shot, and I’ll send you a fun gift in the mail! (Just shoot me an Instagram message)

I’ll be honest — I’ve never bought a car before! While it can be scary, it’s also incredibly exciting. 2017 is all about the firsts for my family! Woot!


  • Wireless phone charing (there’s a pad in the console!)
  • Rear-camera & aerial display of car — this is a must for me!
  • Blind spot detection — another must!
  • Rear cross traffic alert: The radar sensors scan for passing cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles as you back up. If another car is in your path, a warning sound and light will appear on the left/right outside rear-view mirror. (depending on the location of the vehicle)
  • Lane change assist — ummmm, hello new world
  • Head up display: my favorite! You don’t even have to look down at the speedometer to see your speed — it’s in the windshield via a bright LED light that’s only accessible to the driver.
  • GPS: Directions will also shine on the ‘head up display’ meaning, you don’t even have to look over at the map for directions. They’ll be located directly in front of you via LED light. Woahhhh!
  • 12-volt power outlets
  • Sunroof: My 1995 had this, so it’s definitely a must for me!

Have you bought a car before? On the hunt? We’d love your advice!

*this post is in partnership with Kia Codenza. As always, opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting brands that make Heart of Chic possible!


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