how to improve your focus | 10 tips

how to improve your focus

We’ve all had those days (or weeks) where our minds just aren’t there. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to focus on anything! It’s especially tough in a modern world — technology is ahead, and it’s up to us to halt the madness. To put it in perspective, a goldfish has a higher attention span than Americans. Goldfish! We can certainly improve our powers of productivity, and concentration (Phew!) — Here are a few hacks to get your mind back on track! (PS: Consistency is key).

  1. Listen to music: Yep, we’re starting out easy! Music has actually been proven to be a mood-booster. Listen to your body, and play music according to your mood. (Currently listening to Spotify’s ‘Relax & Unwind’ station). They have something for everything!
  2. Environment: I always have fresh-flowers by my side when I work — I just love the smell, colors and inspiration they provide me. (It really is the little things in life, right?). I work better in a beautiful, inviting environment. I also try to keep the clutter away (it drives me crazy!)
  3. Super Foods: Eating super food (walnuts, spinach, berries, etc) can actually improve blood flow to the brain, and regulate blood pressure. (I’m currently snacking on tropical Starbursts — this one may take awhile to get used to.) If you’re feeling a little dull, reach for a healthy snack. (Apples are also great for caffeine!)
  4. H20: Dehydration can make us feel irritable, sleepy, and sick. Our brains need fluid, or they cannot function properly. Obviously, everything in moderation — but you’ll definitely see an improvement overnight by performing this simple task! Need a reminder? I am obsessed with ‘Thyme is Honey’ to-do list with h20 goals!
  5. Walk: For those of you who eat at their desk, fine — but, please, do me a favor and take a walk around the block! Your mind+body need the exercise/break. Sometimes, we just need to step away for a refreshing perspective.
  6. Turn it off: Whenever my boyfriend works, he puts his cell-phone in the room next to him so he’s free of distractions. You don’t know how many times I end up picking my cell-phone in a given hour! I’ve also started this habit, and I’m accomplishing my tasks at a much faster pace! I’m coming for you, goldfish! Also: avoid computers for the first, and last hour of each day.  Spending time away from e-mail significantly improves one’s ability to focus. Use this time to relax, and detach from technology.
  7. Meditate: I’ve always been a fan of meditation — it trains your mind to be in the present, so you’re not constantly worrying about the future. There are so many guided-meditations that I enjoy (Headspace is a favorite). Get in the habit of doing this daily, and your mind will start feeling at ease. An eased mind helps productivity/focus.
  8. Buddy System: Teaming up with a friend/colleague can help hold you accountable. Also, it sparks competition (healthy competition, of course).
  9. Prioritize: Do your hardest tasks when you’re most alert (for me, this is mid-morning) — After 4pm, forget it!
  10. Set rewards: Did you accomplish 2 tasks within 45 minutes? Treat yo-self! Little rewards can often be great motivators. For instance, I will not take my bubble-bath until my blog is written! The faster I get my blog done, the sooner I can enjoy my happy place. Productivity at its best!

Tell me below — How do you focus?

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