How to Prevent a Holiday Hangover

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’Tis the season for ugly sweater parties, holiday soirée’s and drinks galore! Unfortunately, we all know the result of a great time — and, that comes the next morning. But regardless of the flowin’ drinks, the dreaded hangover doesn’t have to be doomsday. To fend off the hangover-misery: headaches, dizziness, nausea (and sometimes tears!) we’re breaking down some scientifically-supported ways to help prevent that rude-intruder — the hangover! (But, I’m sure you’re never drinking again, right?)

EAT UP BUTTERCUP: Whenever you drink on an empty stomach, it absorbs alcohol faster than ever. Eat a large meal containing carbs, protein and fat! Your body will seriously thank you the next day. The severity of a hangover is most certainly related to how much you eat, so don’t share those fries!

ONE FOR ONE RULE: A no brainer (but an easy one to forget) — for every drink you consume, drink one glass of water. It’s no secret that alcohol will cause dehydration, so show your brain who’s boss with plenty of H20! I have done this for years, trust me!

SPLURGE: You get what you pay for, right? More expensive liquors are filtered to remove impurities and toxins which make hangovers less severe. Bonus: The pricier the sip, the slower you’ll sip — Unless you’re rollin’ with Rihanna, of course. (Wish I knew this one sooner!)

SAY NO TO BUBBLES: Sadly, champagne and carbonated-mixed beverages actually absorb alcohol more quickly.  A glass or two, fine — but anything more, and you’ll be on the floor. New Years, I know your secret.

WASH YOUR HANDS: While drinking, your immune system shifts. If you’re exposed to sicknesses while out and about, you’re much more likely to become infected. It will also take longer to recover, and that’s no fun! The last thing you want is a hangover with a side of flu-symptoms.

VITAMINS: You lose a lot of nutrients while drinking, so make sure to take your vitamins! Vitamin B Complex (a pill that includes B1, B2, B6 and B12) is a great start — people swear by the effectiveness. TIME has a great story on this — So make sure to stock up before your next girls night!

MEDITATE: If you haven’t gotten into meditation, you need to start now. It honestly is the cure for just about everything! Breathing, and meditation exercises can get the oxygen flowing, and blood pumping — this will also relieve stress (perhaps, from those bad decisions you made from the night before?)

EGGS: Not feeling so great? Eggs are easy on your stomach, and packed with protein. They also contain large amounts of cysteine (they basically clean-up alcohol leftovers). Don’t overdo it — the last thing you want to do is fill up on grease. Keep cholesterol in check.



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