Overcoming Obstacles | Taking a Break

Hi! Remember me? Lately, life has been on the fast-track. I can’t seem to catch up, and my priorities have shifted as of late. Life is all about balance, adjusting, adjusting some more, and rolling with the punches. Recently, I’ve gone through some personal development/changes — and, while I’m getting used to it all; I needed a time out. Not to worry: I’m fine! Just not great with the whole change thing (I wrote a post about it here). While we all deal with adversity differently; I tend to tuck away — and give myself a break. The blogging world is adventurous, challenging, extraordinary & oh-so-much-fun — It’s also easy to compare, and get discouraged which can drive anyone in a downward spiral.


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I’m so grateful for this community (and you! Thanks for following along!) — You’ve made these past 3 years an incredible journey, and I am so excited to see what’s ahead! I have a lot of fun posts in the works, so hang tight!

Outfit Details: Sometimes, you just want to have a little fun! I stepped outside my comfort zone with these fun, high-slit print pants! Not pictured: VW bus (70’s style). Beep Beep!




In the meantime: I wanted to share 3 tips for overcoming obstacles, because we’ve all been there (like it or not!)

  • Change it Up: The daily grind can be very repetitive. Wake up, workout, work, eat, sleep, repeat. Instead of banging your head against the same wall over, and over again — Try to think through some creative solutions that will bring some more fun and progress to the grind. Perhaps, you integrate a new ‘adventure’ so to speak when you’re working out: A friend of mine started listening to Italian language lessons while running her daily 30 minutes. Not only is she ‘killing 2 birds with one stone’ but she’s able to complete both tasks at once. That leaves more time for you each night! You’re also more likely to accomplish your to-do: when you set out to have a plan of attack. Maybe you start taking your conference calls outside, so you can enjoy a dose of Vitamin C. Whatever it is, try tweaking your to-do & implement some change in your daily mundane.
  • Time is on your side: With obstacles, come a lot of failure. (That’s ok!) Make sure you’re ready to manage these imperfections/set-backs with time. Set a schedule with clear milestones so you can track progress along the way. For example: If you’re trying to lose weight — monitor this week/week. When you start seeing results, you’ll be more encouraged to put more effort. Oh, the joys of seeing results come with hard work! The best feeling! Remember: Use time in-between — you’re not going to notice a difference in 24-48 hours; be patient.
  • Stay Disciplined: It’s easy to throw in the towel, when things aren’t going as ‘planned’. Life is busy, and things are moving faster than ever. Make sure you’re clearing out distractions to get ahead. For me: simply removing my smartphone while working helped me to accomplish a few extra tasks a day! Make yourself accountable for all of your actions, and do not add anything new to your plate until you’ve made progress on the current! It works if you work it!



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