How to Organize Your Makeup

how to organize makeup

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I love make-up! It’s so fun to experiment with and can change your look in an instant. However, broken compact cases, misplaced products, and lost cosmetics are problems that are not fun to deal with. Organizing your make-up/beauty station is often an area of the house that’s overlooked. I’ve seen countless drawers and cabinets filled with make-up and products just strewn about. Yet, it’s a space that many of us use on a daily basis and should be attended to as necessary. Some benefits of organizing your make-up include:

  • You’ll find products you forgot about and save money by not purchasing duplicates (think about what you can spend those extra dollars on!)
  • You’ll save time in the morning (go ahead, savor that morning coffee a little bit longer) and/or getting ready at night.
  • You’ll feel very accomplished after you organize your make-up. Bonus: this is an organizing project that you can complete in just a few hours. 

cute ways to organize makeup

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Now, for some of my favorite tips for organizing your make-up and setting-up your vanity or beauty station:

  • First, go through all of your products and throw away any expired items. If you happen to have a lot of barely used non-expired beauty products (and the chances of you using them are low), consider making some extra money by selling them on a platform like Glambot
  • Check out your retail space.  Do you have a lot of shelf space? Counter space? Drawers only? This will help you determine which type of storage system is best for your space.
  • Categorize your products – eye shadows with other eye shadows, lipsticks together, etc. Also, go through your morning routine and pull out the products that you use the most – you’ll want these in the most accessible area (front of the drawer, middle shelf, or directly on the counter)

Now for the fun part – shop! Purchase storage items that will help streamline your make-up organizing.

  • Acrylic cases are available in a variety of shapes/sizes and provide a sleek look on your countertop. They also work in wide set cabinets.
  • Drawer dividers are great for creating compartments in your drawer. Consider using shoe-boxes (or Birchbox boxes!) to customize your drawer storage. Or, use kitchen/desk drawer organizers.
  • Mason jars or glass canisters work well for storing brushes, cotton balls, and q-tips.
  • Over the door/hanging organizers are a great option for anyone low on space.
  • Decorative trays are good for displaying items and give a pretty visual appearance.
  • The Container Store is a great one-stop shop for your entire cosmetic storage and organizing needs. Check out some of their products here.

And, for a bit of visual inspiration, here are some of coolest ideas I’ve seen floating around the Internet! Are there any other organizing tips that you’d like to learn about? Please let me know in the comments below. PS: Make sure to check-out Allie’s post on refreshing your home in 3 steps

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Allie Kleinman is the founder of Organized by Allie, an LA-based home and life-style company that focuses on simplifying her clients lives by organizing their living spaces. Allie discovered her love for organizing and design at a very young age, when she would tidy and rearrange her parent’s house (for fun!) any chance she got. She’s come a long way since and now crafts beautiful and functional living spaces for her clients on a daily basis.  Allie firmly believes in the beauty of an organized home and the positive outward effect it has on one’s life. When not organizing for a client (or for herself!), Allie enjoys traveling, running, and happy hours with friends.


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