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We’ve all been there. You head to the salon to get the trendy-bob, chop it all off, and two days later — completely regret your actions! Whether you’re recovering from a bad cut, or hoping for luscious locks by your big day; waiting for your hair to grow can be a tedious, frustrating process. The average person’s hair grows about a quarter of an inch a month — and while there’s no overnight cure to long locks. (extensions aside)

 I’ve teamed up with Sassoon Salon Director, Julien Da Costa Faro (AKA: Hair guru) for expert advice on growing those locks out! He’s dishing on must-use products, Sassoon services & hair-growth tips (Trust me: he knows his stuff!) that actually work. Ready. Set. Grow.


Hair masks are great for hair growth! An intensive hair mask, such as Kerastase Masque UV Defense Active, will seal in moisture and promote growth.


It is very important to have your ends trimmed every six to eight weeks to maintain the health and integrity of the hair. Some clients will skip a visit if they are looking to grow their hair but we recommend coming to see us every six weeks to prevent ends from splitting and further damaging the hair, as this will often result in us cutting more length. 



  1. Use a wide comb on wet hair to avoid breakage.
  2. Avoid shampooing your hair every day as it can weaken your strands.
  3. Washing with hot water can dry locks out, so opt for a warm temperature instead. For an extra bonus, rinse your hair with cool water as it adds extra shine and locks in vital moisture.
  4. Stay away from expired products. Old heat protectant products can damage hair and cause breakage.
  5. Use the right tools. We recommend the GHD line of hairdryers, stylers, and curlers as they produce the right amount of heat so you won’t fry your hair.
  6. Leave your color to the professionals. Coloring your hair at home could result in major damage and split ends.


At Sassoon Salon, we are big on the Kérastase Fusio Dose treatment. You can customize Fusio Dose to your hair’s needs. Schedule this treatment whenever you come for a trim will ensure that your hair is growing and thriving at a healthy rate and will prevent future damage! 

* This post is sponsored by Sassoon salon. As always: opinions are entirely my own! Thanks for supporting brands that keep Heart of Chic going! xx


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