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overcome self doubt

Self confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our life — yet, sometimes, we struggle to find it. I’ve been letting my doubt get the best of me this week; hence the crickets around Heart of Chic. (Thanks for being patient!) I’m really good at listening to my body (spiritually and physically) — I just needed a few days away to meditate on the bigger picture. Like I’ve said here, the 20’s are tough! I’m still learning the inner-workings of my mind, passions and strengths. When you’re confident in your abilities — you inspire others, and it most definitely shows in your work. When you lose that bigger picture, and drown in self doubt (your mind can be a dangerous place) — I’m rounding up some of my favorite ways to boost your confidence, and get out of that rut! Remember, ‘It works if you work it! Fake it ’til you make it!’

SET SMALL GOALS: Small goals, people. We often shoot for the moon, and get highly discouraged when we fail. Shoot for something that’s much more attainable/achievable. Set a goal you’re likely to achieve, and you’ll feel good. Think of these as small stepping stones that are leading you closer to the end result. I’m also a huge fan of making lists — Nothing feels better than crossing an accomplished task off! It’s a great mental exercise — small victories!

SMILE: This may sound cheesy (get it?) but, whenever I smile, I instantly feel better. It not only impacts yourself, but others around. Smiling to a stranger can have a chain reaction — pay it forward kind of thing!

DO SOMETHING: Not just anything, but something you’ve been procrastinating on. What’s been sitting on your to-do lists for weeks on end? Get this out of the way first thing — you’ll feel so great about yourself for finally accomplishing the little devil! It seriously does wonders for your confidence, try it out for yourself.

GET ORGANIZED: When things are chaotic, and organization is lacking — it’s going to affect your end result. It’s hard to be successful when tasks are being forgotten, or rushed. Have a plan of attack everyday of the week. Block your time accordingly (this is a great article on that) — set aside time for checking e-mails, response times, working out, etc.

ACHIEVEMENT LOG: Similar to a gratitude journal, keep an achievement log. Whenever I’m feeling down, I try to focus on the things I’ve already accomplished. Contributing to Whitney Port, and The Glitter Guide are up there for me! When things feel like they’re falling apart, remember: you’ve come so much farther than last year! Keep this somewhere digitally, so it’s easy to pull up whenever you’re having a moment.


STOP COMPARING: Ah, the comparison thief! For me, when I focus on everyone else’s success — it drives me into a deep hole! This will do nothing for you! I just wrote how to battle comparison here, give it a read! (So much easier said than done, but it’s all mental)

BE YOURSELF: I absolutely love this quote, ‘You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches’ — Not everyone is going to like you. I’ve struggled with this my entire life, but it’s true! You can’t control what others think, or do — so stop dwelling on these people. They are doing nothing for you. Example: When someone I’m friends with in the blogging community un-follows me on Instagram, it’s easy to take it personally. (I know this sounds childish, but social media plays a large role in what we do!) I’m learning to observe these opinions rather than cling onto them. When I cling onto these thoughts/opinions, my work suffers as an end result. Pro tip: Work extra harder to distract yourself from minor annoyances.

BODY LANGUAGE: Head up, soldier! Uncross your arms, turn that frown upside down and move with purpose. This does require a level of self-awareness, but whenever you carry yourself highly, chances are — you’ll feel better. Try it now: Walk around with your head up, confident and smiling. Practice this for a few minutes each day (I know it sounds ridiculous) — but it really does wonders for your confidence/mood. Remember: people who stand tall/confident are more attractive. It’s a chain effect.

WORKOUT: This is the answer to every problem, I swear. Nothing feels better than a great sweat after a long day! Get those endorphins moving, and energy levels up! You’re going to have a great day. It’s also a great distraction from those negative thoughts — feed your body positivity; Physically, mentally and spiritually.

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