How to be more Grateful Under 5 Minutes

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Chiberia is officially here, and I’m catching those Winter blues! (What ever happened to el niño?!) Does anyone else feel pressure to have an amazing 2016? — We’re just a couple weeks in, and I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed with all that I want to accomplish. I’m also feeling defeated with wedding planning, blogging & the constant comparison struggles. Sometimes, life can hit us at once, and it’s easy to shut-down & hibernate. My mom recently sent me this quote, ‘You are a magnet. When you become a magnet of wealth, you attack wealth. When you become a magnet of health, you attract health. When you become a magnet of love, you attract love. When you become a magnet of joy, you attract joy. You must become the magnet of whatever it is you want, to bring it to you. Magnet comes first — manifestation is second. Manifestation is the effect of the magnet of you’ — It’s from ‘The Secret’ and you all have to read! One of my favorite books for uplifting techniques! It got me thinking; I need to start living in the moment. I need to be more confident. I need to spread more love. I need to be happier. With busy schedules and all, I researched my favorite ways to be more grateful under 5 minutes. No excuses! Read below for my favorites!







  1. JOURNAL: I wrote more about a gratitude journal here, so make sure to check it out! Long story short: it’s proven that jotting down 3 positive things each day will make you more optimistic and less stressed (hell yes!).
  2. MEDITATE: Focus on all the good in your life. Simply shut your eyes, and let the good thoughts come your way. (Detach/let go of anything negative that you’re feeling). Gratitude is all about living in the present, and appreciating all the moments, things and people in your life.
  3. LOVE NOTES: Buy a blank-greeting card next time you’re at the drug store. For the next couple of weeks — pay attention to how someone went out of their way for you. When you’ve selected the right individual, simply write them a note expressing your appreciation. It feels so damn good! Promise!
  4. CHEEEESE: Even when you’re not feeling it, smile. It’s scientifically proven to lift your spirits! (Whether you like it or not!) If you’re looking for a laugh, watch this.
  5. STOP AND THINK: When you’re in the car — take advantage of your mental down time (in between Taylor Swift, of course). For each red light you occur, think of something you’re grateful for. That’ll help train your mind!


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