Harlow’s Favorite Snacks & 16 Month Update 

Happy New Year! In usual news, time is flying by way too quickly. Not sure how I have a 16 month old on my hands. It’s true what they say, ‘the days are long, and the years are fast’. It’s been awhile since I’ve done an update on Harlow, so wanted to share some of her current favorites. This has definitely been one of my favorite ages to date; she is an actual ‘lil person now. Saying so many words (please, bubbles, uh-oh, mama, dada) loves to dance, eat, and sing. Definitely follow along on Instagram stories for more behind the scenes. My heart explodes every single day. 


Healthy Times Cookies. I’ve shared about Healthy Times brand before here. Started by a mama in her kitchen back in 1980, who wanted to provide nutritious food for her children without the junk (sugars, preservatives, additives). Fast forward decades later, and it’s still the go-to for mothers looking for natural and organic options. The brand supports every stage of development, from weaning to teething (Harlow’s obsessed with the teethers) with organic products that encourage healthy growth. The Healthy Times Arrowroot Cookies double as a great source of calcium, iron, and zinc. I couldn’t ask for anything more from my child’s ‘first cookie’. They’re seriously delicious, I catch myself munching on them myself! The Healthy Times Hugga Bear Cookies also have calcium, B vitamins, zinc and iron – all the vitamins and minerals they need in a cookie that’s the perfect size. I always take them on-the-go, and they’re life savers for those extra busy days! We decided to have a dress-up party with an entire platter of cookies to kick off the new year! Make sure to check-out the entire line of products from: organic cereal, organic growing up formula, bath & body care and more here! 


Harlow’s currently obsessed with these bristle blocks. They have them at the library, and she continues to go crazy whenever I bring them out. These mega blocks are also another favorite and will grow with her for years to come. Oh, and anything Elmo. We’re officially in that stage! Elmo dolls everywhere! We got her this one for Christmas, and she’ll dance so cute with the beats. We’re also proud owners of this Elmo couch. Looks really cute with my decor! Ha. Whatever makes her happy though! 


Wanted to share a sleep update since it’s been awhile. Harlow’s sleeping 11+ hours through the night. I actually wrote a post about this here, but let me know if you’d like a little more info on how we ‘sleep trained’. I swear by the Hatch, literally can’t travel without it. It also gets super loud, which helps when you have a noisy dog like ours! 

*This post is sponsored by Healthy Times. As always, all opinions are entirely my own. Thanks for supporting brands that make Happily Inspired possible! 


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