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tricks to get baby to sleep

OK, so I’ve promised you guys a sleep training post and it’s coming, SOON! To get you warmed up, I’m chatting all things sleeping gear. The products that help soothe Harlow to sleep from birth-now (6 months). What worked for her, may not work for your baby — but, I’m hoping to spark some new ideas for any tired mama’s out there! (Side note: Harlow has been sleeping in her crib since 3-months old). I use all of these products religiously, and they’re part of her routine. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out — I absolutely love hearing from you! Let’s jump in!

Tricks to get Baby to Sleep

Hatch: **** This is definitely my favorite of all. The holy grail of sound machines, guys. I’m not so sure why the Dohm is a favorite — I had it on our registry, but it’s really low and didn’t muffle out the background noise (aka: our terror of a puppy) The hatch is smartphone compatible, a night light and sound machine in one. You can customize any color from the touch of your phone (people say when kids get older, you can program the green light to come on so know they can get out of bed). I keep it on a soft yellow, because I’ve heard that’s calming for little ones!

I’ll share more of this in the sleep training post, but I always put on the lullaby sound while feeding her a bottle at night. This way, she’s mentally preparing that it’s time to go to bed. When I am done giving her a bottle, I put the ‘waves’ on. I only do the lullaby at night before bedtime. She literally falls asleep in seconds. I do all of this within a touch of a button on my phone. You can also set favorites, etc. If you don’t want to use your phone, that’s fine! You simply tap to turn on, and hold the top to turn off. So cool, right? OK. I’ll get off the Hatch now. But, seriously — get it.

Nanit Monitor: I wrote an entire blog post on the best baby monitor ever!

Harlow’s room has a tendency to get really cold, so I set the alarm if it goes below 65, or over 73. Technology just rocks my socks. It also can play lullabies, record video, take photos, you can talk through. I have so many cute videos from the monitor (some of which I’ve shared on Instagram, so make sure to follow along!)

Halo Sleep Sack: We actually used these for when Harlow was 0-3 months, but once she started rolling — we transitioned her to the Halo SleepSack. It replaces a blanket in the crib, and she loves it. Nothing better than a cozy, sleeping baby.


tricks to get baby to sleep


Fisher Price Deluxe Soother: So, there was a wild stretch where Harlow would sleep through the night, but have a 3-4am wake-up. I got this soother for the light projection (it has other features) but here’s the kicker: it’s mobile compatible. When she started to get upset, I’d turn on the lights (from my phone) and she’d calm down and fall back asleep.

Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Lotion: I’ve always been a fan of Aveeno. (no, not because Jennifer Aniston is the spokesperson, haha) I massage Harlow nightly with this lotion, and the smell of lavender is so calming and soothing. It also helps to heal dry skin. I use it for myself, too (shhhh)

Aquaphor: Harlow has eczema, and her pediatrician recommended Aquaphor. I put it on her face/body every single night and she wakes up with soft skin. My knuckles have also been cracking (even bleeding) and this stuff cured it up right away. I’ve never used it before pre-baby — anyone else a fan?

Monica & Andy Pajamas: The quality of material is beyond. It’s creamy soft. I’ve always been picky about material, so wanted to ensure that Harlow was cozy. I always use footed PJ’s at night because her room tends to run on the cooler side. During the summer, I’ll most likely do a t-shirt onesie. Just a note: I do not put the hat on her. I only used hats in the newborn stage. FYI: I use many brands of PJ’s, these just happen to be my favorite.

Pampers Baby Dry: Around month 5 — I’d wake Harlow up to find her soaking wet. I felt so bad! Someone told me about these 12-hour protection diapers and I absolutely love them. She hasn’t leaked through since. They’re buttery soft! I recommend going up one size above your baby’s current. Harlow’s in a 2 normally, but I purchase the size 3 for night time. Extra protection! A little pro tip from those moms that have been around the block before.

tricks to get baby to sleep

tricks to get baby to sleep

Baby Shusher: This thing has gone everywhere with us. We first discovered it at Harlow’s newborn photography shoot. It honestly works miracles. The first few months, she absolutely hated the car, and this helped calm her down. Before naps/bedtime, I put this on (runs for about 30 minutes) and she loves it!

Mesh Bumper: This may be controversial, but we chose to move forward with the mesh bumpers. Harlow would bang her head so hard on the sides of the crib, and I felt so bad. These help soften the rails, so she doesn’t hurt her little head! It also protects their feet from getting stuck outside the crib. I can’t say enough good things about it!

NoseFrida: I mean, the NoseFrida is a game-changer. I use throughout the day (if needed) but I always clear her nose before bed so she can sleep snot-free.

HoMedics Humidifier: Harlow has been really stuffed up this (never-ending) winter and the doctor recommended a cool-mist humidifier. I did a lot of research, because I wanted to make sure she was breathing in clean air — some machines have small parts which make it impossible to clean (can grow mold, etc). I ended up getting the HoMedics, and I love it. Only $99.99 and great reviews! It also lasts about 24 hours without having to change.

Essential Oil Roll On: I like to roll a little lavender on Harlow’s neck, chest & bottom of feet before bed. It’s all-natural (over 80 5-star reviews)

Salt Lamp: We got this lamp as a gift from the baby shower, and I’m all about good energy. Harlow’s always been an amazing sleeper, and I feel like the salt lamp has something to do with it! They’re inexpensive, and make a great nightlight for those early mornings. More of the benefits here. (Although, a lot of myths!) This is another favorite one of my tricks to get baby to sleep! 

Books: We don’t make it to story-time every night (depends on how tired she is) but I like reading fun stories before bed. This is a current favorite. (Isn’t it so cute?)

Milkbarn Lovey Baby Blanket: I’m a huge fan of Milkbarn. They also have the most silky pajamas you’ve ever seen! I got Harlow this adorable tutu wearing elephant, and the material is heavenly. I let her sleep with it during naps (because I’m monitoring through monitor) and we bring it with us when we go out! Everyone loves a little security, right?

Floral Sheet: There’s no better feeling than fresh sheets at night! I change out her crib-sheet a few times a week (Disclosure: I’m a first time mama, so I have the time) and honestly notice a difference in her sleeping. My current favorites are the watercolor floral pattern. Aren’t they adorable?

This post is in collaboration with buybuy BABY — a company I absolutely love (and spend way too much time in). Thanks for supporting brands that make Happily Inspired possible! xx 

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