It’s a ….

Bring on the ballet shoes & tutus — WE’RE HAVING A GIRL!!! I’ve been driving myself (friends & family, too!) absolutely bananas trying to guess the gender for months! I’d look up every wives-tale in the book, text my mama-friends about symptoms & google just about anything I was feeling (headaches, no appetite, cravings) in relation to gender — for the record, my Chinese calendar was wrong on this one. I am not good with surprises, and the anticipation was killin’ me slowly! I am so excited to start planning the nursery & you know I’ve already started shopping for some adorableness. Shocker, I know …

Truth be told, I really wanted a girl. I have such a special relationship with my mom (my dad isn’t in the picture) and I wanted to relive my childhood through her eyes. Let’s also not forget the obvious — I love fashion, especially dresses and bows. I can’t wait to dress this babe up! Bonus: my mom has her own clothing boutique, Fleur and Lace (also on Style Me Pretty) so I can literally shop her closet. Isn’t this one so adorable?

I was really surprised on this one. I never got that ‘mommy intuition’ — everyday would feel different. Some days I’d feel girl, some days boy, but my husband knew all along. He’s been telling me from day one that I’m getting my little girl. I’m most excited to see their relationship form, especially since I never had one with my dad (he was in/out of my life). I married Kevin for many reasons, but mostly because of his big heart. He is my biggest supporter with the blog, and the most caring man I’ve ever met. Our little girl is one lucky lady, and I can’t for what’s ahead!

I’m so very appreciative of all of your sweet notes, texts, emails! Truly, I am so touched & can’t wait to share more along the way! Love you guys! xo

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