Floral Ice Cubes | DIY

You may remember this post from Glitter Guide where I share the most adorable DIY ever! (See my recent Glitter Guide articles here) These floral ice-cubes are one of my favorites to date, and they have a life of their own on Pinterest! (Holy re-pins!) Side note: When you have a ‘melting’ prop, time is not on your side. Learned that one the hard way, but I think they came out super cute nonetheless! Just expect even cuter results when you attempt these on your own! Brighten up your beverages this spring/summer with some ‘flower power’ cubes! Whether you’re hosting a baby shower, or enjoying a backyard BBQ, these frozen treats will keep your drinks cool, and your guests smiling! Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram, so I can see your floral-filled creations! xx

floral ice cubes




*Note: Some of the flowers pictured are not edible, but I am using them to chill bottles. Feel free to use any flower for chillers (just don’t let guests use) 


  • Edible Flowers — whichever you prefer!
  • Ice Cube Tray (I prefer silicone, less likely to break the cubes when popping out) Also: The bigger the better, this will allow for a slower melting process.
  • Distilled water (Simply boil the water, and let cool down to room temperature)


  1. Place flowers face down in the tray, fill cubes about 1/4 way full. (You just want to cover the flowers)
  2. Freeze until solid, and add water until tray is half full.
  3. Repeat this process twice more until cubes are completely frozen. (If you’d like to add a second layer of flowers, feel free to do so)
  4. Once the cubes are completely solid, remove from trays & have fun!

Note: The flowers will infuse a flower-like taste so keep that in mind while creating your beverages. Water (image above) and juices are fabulous non-alcoholic choices. (They also look super pretty!) 

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