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Step away from the Red Bull, friends — Our days are jam packed, and let’s face it, we’re tired. We fuel ourselves on energy drinks, and coffee until we hit that wall. You know what wall I’m talkin’ about — it’s game over, folks! Just like house plants need water, our bodies need regular replenishing. Often, the true culprits to energy-stealers are inhibited in our daily habits; how we eat, sleep, and cope. I’ve tracked down some simple everyday strategies that will keep you happily energized, and engaged. You’ll notice an increase in productivity levels, too!



Switch up your routine: When was the last time you switched up your ‘getting ready’ routine? On my recent trip to Target, I picked up some new goodies! Including Unilever’s: TRESemme Botanique shampoo and conditioner. I’m always on the hunt for new products to try, and sometimes (when they work!) I’ll feel more ‘awake’ and ready to attack the day! Oh, and a good hair day always helps! (The TRESemme shampoo/conditioner is under $6 and left my hair feeling silky, smooth and full — Picture below) I also take a bath every night, and use Dove’s body wash to smooth and replenish after a long day’s work! When you get your body on a routine — sometimes, life can feel a bit mundane. Try switching up your products (scents actually play a big part in this!) and experiment with Target’s large selection! It’s not like I have to tell you this: If you leave Target with under 5 items, you deserve a metal! (Seriously though)  It’s always easy to splurge with the affordable price options. It’s also fun! XX


Get Up: It’s so tempting to hit the snooze button (we’ve all been there) — but delaying your day will actually interrupt your hormone cycle; which can make it really difficult to get going. As soon as your snooze button goes off, get out of bed. I’ve also noticed an increase in energy when I rise earlier. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier, and see how you feel for a couple weeks. It’s scientifically proven to increase energy, optimism and productivity levels throughout your day. I know this one is easier said than done, but it’s worth it if you work it!


TRESemmé Botanique Nourish and Replenish Shampoo & Conditioner, DOVE body wash

Work Out: For those of you who tend to drag in the morning (raises hand) — a light workout is proven to boost energy levels by 20%! I’ll be honest, I am one of those people who cannot function on a high-impact workout (Spin, pilates, etc) in the early AM. But, I find that taking a 15-20 minute walk, stretching or yoga is a great boost to my day! Listen to your body, and find what works best for you. Some people thrive on cardio as soon as they wake up. (It also feels great to get the workout out of your way, so you can enjoy the evening)

Eat Breakfast: You know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Even if you just have a bagel, and coffee; you’ll get a quick stimulant from the caffeine, and a boost of energy from the carbs. Scrambled eggs, & oatmeal with nuts is another great option — these include lean protein and healthy fats which equate energy. Studies have proven that people who eat breakfast feel better both mentally, and physically. Take care of your body, friends. Replenish the mind!


Stay Hydrated: Drinking water has a long-list of health benefits, including: maximizing physical performance, energy levels, brain function, weight loss and more. If you’re not a water lovin’ bug like myself — try mixing in fruit (I especially love cucumber, or strawberry and mint) Pro tip: Keep a pitcher in the fridge, so it’s easy to reach for. I’ve already noticed a significant difference with my skin, too! This is an easy change, folks!

Outdoors: Sunshine helps boost levels of vitamin D, and science suggests that adequate amounts play a vital role in sustaining your energy throughout the day. Enjoy your lunch outdoors (preferably alone) so you can soak up some sunshine, and some much needed alone time. Vitamin D also regulates metabolism which has an impact on energy. Pro tip: Go barefoot in the grass — this is proven to boost happy levels!

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