The Ultimate Grocery Hack That will Save you Money

Thank you FAGE for sponsoring this post. As always, opinions and taste buds are entirely my own! Thanks for supporting brands that make Happily Inspired possible!

When it comes to meal planning and grocery shopping, I’m all about versatility. Which items will take us through the week and last? Which items will my family actually eat? Yes, I’m talking to you Harlow! (Pickiest 22 month old ever!) FAGE Total Plain Greek yogurt is a family staple. All-natural, protein-rich, creamy, oh-so-delicious, and nutritional! No preservatives, Non-GMO Project Verified and zero added sugars (very important to us). Additionally, FAGE Total Plain Greek yogurt is beyond versatile! Make sure to check-out more recipes here (the Kebabs with Spicy Yogurt Sauce is next on my list to make! Oh, and the desserts look next level, trying those too!) — some of our family favorites:


  • smoothies
  • toast (sharing below!)
  • tzatziki sauce (reoccurring family favorite) 
  • watermelon popsicles
  • strawberry shortcake with lemony yogurt
  • grilled yogurt flatbread

Just one tub can take your family through breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! This ultimately helps cut grocery costs which is always a win!

Below, I’m sharing one of my favorite FAGE twists — toast! Ready in 5 minutes or less, which is perfect for those busy summer schedules. Easy to grab and go, or enjoy with the family at the table. We try our very best to sit down as a family one morning a week. It definitely sets the day on a positive note.


Toast: Find your favorite brand of toast, spread FAGE Total Greek Yogurt on top for a creamy base. Stack with your favorite fruits/nuts — drizzle with honey & balsamic! Get creative!

What are your favorite FAGE yogurt recipes? Would love to hear below! Don’t forget to stop by here for more delicious recipes and entertaining tips! 

fage yogurt recipes


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