Top 10 Black Friday EnviroKlenz Products


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If you are in the market to do some black Friday shopping, but aren’t sure what the best use of your time and money is—look no further than EnviroKlenz. They are offering 35% off site-wide on all of their incredible products this Black Friday!

They are also offering:

  • 35% off household products, air systems, and single filter replacements
  • 45% off Auto Refills
  • Bundles: 
    • 2-year filter bundle- 4 air cartridges, Hepa, and UV bulbs
    • System with Air things + Cartridge 
    • Laundry Holiday bundle– Buy 2 Boxed Laundry, get 1 free Washing Machine Deodorize

Who is EnviroKlenz?

EnviroKlenz specializes in creating products to help you live a healthy life in a clean environment. They started creating products to aid with chemical decontamination for military operations. Now they bring the same quality and gentleness to your home. 

The best part is that their formulas are created from only the cleanest and environmentally friendly products, so you can be sure that you and your family are in the best hands. 

This company focuses primarily on laundry, home cleaning products and air purifying products. These items would be a great gift for anyone with pets, kids, health concerns, or anyone who just enjoys a truly clean and uplifting space. 

Also Note: All of these products link directly to EnviorKlenz’s website, but all of the products listed are available on the EnviroKlenz Amazon page as well if you prefer to shop there. 

They also offer: 4 interest-free payments or as low as $59/mo with Affirm on our website that would be helpful to you viewers. 

Here are the top products you should add to your black Friday shopping list:

Best Laundry and Cleaning Products

Here are the best EnviroKlenz laundry and cleaning products for you this Black Friday: 

1. Liquid Laundry Enhancer

When we say that this product is a miracle in a box—we mean it! Not only does this Laundry Enhancer boost the ability to eliminate the toughest odors, it also is made with just 3 simple ingredients and crafted with an environmentally friendly formula and packaging. 

This product has also gone through extensive third-party testing to ensure it is completely non-toxic, safe to use around pets and kids, and crafted to be completely earth-friendly. 

This company is so confident in this product that they invite you to try their #solveyourstench challenge!

The challenge is simple, just grab your stinkiest clothing—think football uniforms, vintage thrift store finds, or even your dog’s dirty bed and wash it with this product. Then be blown away by the complete elimination of all odors. 

2. Powder Laundry Enhancer

Just like the liquid laundry enhancer, this powder laundry enhancer is designed to travel deep into the fibers of your clothing to dissolve and fight the source of lingering tough odors. Truly, there is no odor too strong or project too big for this product. 

Just add a scoop alongside your regular unscented laundry detergent and let this product work its magic.

EnviorKlenz recommends this powder enhancer for top-loading machines and non high efficiency washers. If you use a front loading or high-efficiency washer you’ll want to use the liquid version mentioned above!

3. EnviroKlenz Washing Machine Deodorizer

We have all gotten carried away at some point and forgotten about our laundry in the washer.  That mildew smell creeps in quickly and loves to stick around. 

And look, if your washing machine smells like mildew and stale water, your clothes will too. This washing machine deodorizer is designed to eliminate all odors from your front loading washing machine to ensure that your clothes and laundry room smell amazing. 

So never fear that your washing machine will hold on to tough odors again. 

4. Carpet & Rug Refresher

One area of the home that can be so tough to clean is your carpets and rugs. Regardless of how many times you shampoo or launder these spaces—tough odors love to stick around. If you want to take the guesswork out of keeping your carpets and rugs fresh and deodorized, you need to try this carpet and rug refresher

Just like all of the EnviroKlenz products, this one is also crafted with only the safest, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic materials. 

Using this product is as simple as sprinkling it on your affected areas and waiting 15 to 30 minutes before vacuuming it up! These specially designed earth minerals have the ability to seep deep into your soft carpets to eliminate pet odors, off gassing in new carpets, and any residual odors from spills. 

5. Odor Eliminating Wipes

Have you ever tried to wipe a smelly surface such as your stove, microwave and counter only to still smell the odor and the chemical residue left behind by traditional cleaners and wipes? These odor eliminating wipes are free from any fragrances and designed to actually remove odors instead of just masking them. 

These wipes are made from completely non-toxic ingredients and are safe to use around kids, pets, the elderly, and anyone with any health issues. Just pour the cleansing liquid over the wipes, and you’re ready to easily dispense these wipes whenever you need a quick clean up!

6. EnviroKlenz All Hazard Combat Wipes

EnviroKlenz has a long history of tackling some of the biggest hazardous messes and toxic chemical contaminants. These All Hazard Combat Wipes are designed to tackle toxins, chemicals, and messes that traditional cleaners can’t. 

These wipes are versatile and gentle enough to be used on any water safe surfaces in your home. They only contain 5 ingredients and are a great way to ensure your home stays safe, clean, and contamination free.  

Best Air-Purifying Products

Sometimes the most toxic things in our home are the ones we can’t see. Harmful chemicals, allergens, and toxins love to seep into your home and can be tough to get rid of. These air-purifying products are designed to keep your home and family safe. 

7. EnviroKlenz Air System Plus

This Air System Plus purifier uses EnviroKlenz’s patented earth mineral technology to completely remove toxic chemicals, airborne pollutants, allergens, and odors from any space. 

This purifier uses a three step system to cleanse your space, and leaves you with nothing but fresh, crisp air. 

This product weighs 40 pounds and can cover up to 1,000 sqft. This machine also boasts being able to clean your entire space 3-5 times every single hour. 

8. EnviroKlenz Air System

If you are looking for a product that can thoroughly cleanse the air in your home, but want it in a smaller and more compact design—look no further than this EnviroKlenz Air System.

This product comes in at a lower price point than the Air System Plus unit, but still packs a big punch! This purifier uses a 2 step process to eliminate chemicals, pet odors, pollen, mold, viruses and bacteria from your air. 

This air purifier utilizes a medical grade HEPA filter to remove unwanted and potentially harmful toxins from the air, leaving you with the purest air possible in your space. 

9. Replacement Filters

If you or someone you love already owns one of these powerful air purifying systems, it is the perfect time to purchase your replacement filters. 

Air purifying filters need to be changed every 6 months to ensure they are working optimally. Depending on whether you own the traditional Air System or the Air System plus unit—you will need to replace 2-3 different components regularly.

This includes the air cartridge, HEPA filter and UVC bulbs.  

10. HVAC Filters

Traditional HVAC filters for your home are designed to trap harmful pollutants and toxins within the filter. This means that these toxins are still present in your home—they are just trapped to the surface of your filter.

The EnviroKlenz HVAC filters use their patented earth mineral technology to destroy these toxins and allergens instead of just trapping them. By simply upgrading your HVAC filter to these filters you can ensure that your family is breathing the best quality air possible. 

This is ideal for homes with small children, elderly people, pets, or those with medical conditions that leave them vulnerable to toxins and chemicals. 

Give the Gift of a Healthy Home This Holiday Season

These products have gone through extensive testing and are truly the best products for you and your loved ones homes. This Black Friday you can order all of these products for 35% off by entering your email and using the code BF22!

Extensive 3rd Party Testing Results 

Still unsure if these products are right for you? Check out all of the extensive 3rd party test results linked below:

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