e! news, baby!

Today’s post is dedicated to E! news, baby! I made it on TV! (Total bragging rights) I was sitting on Chicago’s lakefront when my phone started going craaaazy: ‘Pretty sure I just saw you on E! beautiful!!’ ‘Arin!! I have my tv on mute but on E! I look up and saw your adorable photo on Who Wore it Better!! Congrats! I want details!!!’ ‘Omg can’t believe I saw you on E. . Keep it up grl ur awesome‘ — My friends are so sweet, and I had no idea that I was making an appearance! — So I think it’s safe to say, I’m kind of a big deal… (totally kidding) It was a great mid-week treat. (Outfit post located here) In honor of my E! news debut — this post is dedicated to the fabulous, Giuliana Rancic — She’s one of my favorite celebs, and so down to earth! Not to mention, soon-to-be-neighbor in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. Cheers, G! 

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