DIY Easter Eggs | Paint Party


Happy April, babes! Shout out to Chicago for making it through one tough winter! Ouch! In honor of Easter this weekend, I got one of my best girls to join my Easter egg paint party! I saw the idea on StudioDIY (One of my absolute favorite sites) so wanted to make a fun afternoon of it. Coffee, donuts + paint — what more could you ask for? I do want to step on my platform for a minute and say, I am the least artistic person on the planet. Yes, I can style an outfit all day long, but give this girl a paintbrush — and it’s a game-over. In my opinion, it’s even better when you’re skill-less — you’ll have more laughs throughout the way! I hope you enjoy ! XX

diyegg3 supplies2




  • Hard boilEggs (I used white) + do not eat
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Paint markers or permanent marker (All available at Target!)

easteregg1 IMG_8158


1. Paint the entire egg your desired hair color & let dry.
2. Paint the bottom of your egg the desired skin-color & let dry.
3. Now for the fun! Take your permanent/paint marker and draw the sunglasses, bows, accessories, lips, eyelashes + whatever else your little heart takes you! My bestie and I started getting carried away, and naming the eggs after some of our favorites (like Damsel in Dior, ha) — Make sure to tag me on Instagram if you make!
4. Adore your little egg-children, and give them a ton of lovin’!

eastereggs6 eastereggs7 easteregg8


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