Chicago Roundup | Gift Guide

You can go ahead and cross someone off your holiday list; because this Chicago roundup is everything! I don’t know what it is about the Midwest; but we really love ourselves (like, a lot). I’m so proud to call this city home, and I never grow tired of the beauty. I always enjoy putting these round-ups together (Catch the latest here) so, I thought I would dedicate one to my home-sweet-home, Chicago. If you’re looking for unique gifts; or shopping for yourself — Make sure to check-out Etsy (It’s beyond addicting!) for a never-ending selection. Bonus: They’re handmade! If you’re anything like me, you’re always trying to give the best gift! These selections are a great start! xx


1. Add some personal touches to your home with this Chicago pillow; it’s vibrant, charming & a great conversation piece! 2. Daaaa Bears: Tailgate in style with this Bears beer growler 3. What do you say, the Cubs are going to win today! Disclosure: I am not a Cubs fan; but, of course I’m rooting for the Cubbies to take it home! 4. Quite possibly my favorite print ever! Wrigley Field, we love you. 5. Put a lock on it; absolutely adore this Chicago pendant necklace! 6. Because, you can never have too many mugs! 7. You’re going to need some extra cozy socks for the winter! Represent the windy city while you strut the city! 8. My favorite piece of jewelry; PS: They have a lot of different cities available here! I think I’ll get the Chicago one, what do you think? 9. Seriously, so delicious! You can never have too many frangos (aka: mint meltaways) in your life! Marshall Fields, we miss you; but thanks for keeping these around! 10. This bracelet includes the coordinates of your city (another one with multiple options!) 11. The cutest dish towel that I ever did see! 12. Keep your tables clean in city spirit; love these handmade coasters via Etsy 13. The best skyline in the entire world; get yours here.



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