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Photography is a major part of my world. I take pleasure in capturing those moments that will take me throughout a lifetime. Unfortunately, most of my moments never make it out of my iPhone or computer (Does anyone else have this problem?) My photo-albums have turned into laptops, and my iPhone’s ‘no data’ has been on serious repeat (I have over 10,000 photos! #BloggerProbs).


Remember when photo-albums were a thing? But, seriously – your friends/family would come over, and you’d flip the pages with excitement and story-telling? You’d take your time to develop the photos, and excitingly place them in the sleeves. Today, I’m teaming up with Blurb to bring you the ultimate photo book! Blurb is a creative DIY platform that brings your stories to life. Whether it’s through a photo-book (like mine) magazine, or e-book – it’s such a fun way to relive those little everyday moments. Oh, and it makes the perfect coffee table addition!



I decided to make a photo-book highlighting my year-to-date. From colorful lifestyle content, to getting engaged – it’s such a great way to share everything that’s happened. It’s so fun to flip these pages and re-live those memories. (Much different than scrolling through an iPhone!)

Blurb makes it incredibly easy to design. Simply use their templates, or upload your own designs using LightRoom or InDesign. (A professionals’ dream come true!) I opted for Blurb’s templates, because they were beyond simple to use (and aesthetically pleasing to me). You literally drag/drop photos, and bonus: you can upload your Facebook & Instagram photos directly from the site! Huge! Another fun item to note: You can easily make wedding albums, guest books, or cook-books with downloadable templates through Blurb’s Bookwright. (Totally free)

Large square (12×12 inches) // compared to a regular sized book.


If you’re feeling extra-fancy, Blurb makes it easy to publish books directly to Amazon or Apple’s iBook store. Who knows – maybe it’s your calling, and you never even knew! Give it a try!

This post is sponsored by Blurb books. As always, all opinions are entirely my own. Thanks for supporting brands that make Heart of Chic possible! 


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