25 Best Black Console Tables to Spruce Up Your Space

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Looking for a black console table? Scroll below to see 25 of our favorites!

When trying to utilize your space in the most effective way possible, sometimes it’s mandatory to find small space friendly furniture. Console tables are great because they don’t disrupt traffic and can provide a great place to store belongings and make your space even more visually interesting. 

Here we have compiled our favorite black console tables to help you maximize your space and create a great storage area.

Let’s dive in. 

What is the Difference Between Entryway Table and Console Table?

Generally speaking the words entry table and console table are used fairly interchangeably. You can also hear them called sofa tables or end tables. 
While they’re all fairly similar pieces of furniture—the standard features of a console table are that it’ll typically have long legs, a slender table top and can fit snug against a wall in a small hallway. 

Why Use a Console Table?

While we totally understand that it may seem silly to place a small slender table in a space, it actually serves a few different purposes. 
First, it can act as storage for little things like chargers, spare candles, rolls of tape, etc. But they can also be a great way to infuse more of your unique personality and aesthetic into otherwise empty spaces in your home. 

Does a Console Table Hold a TV?

While the word “console table” may sound like it should hold a TV console—that’s not technically the case. These tables are a bit too slender to safely hold a television on the top of the table.
That being said, if you mount your TV on the wall, placing a console table underneath can be a great place to store things like remotes, game stations, chargers, etc. 
If you’re looking for a piece of furniture you can hold a TV on you may want to consider something larger like a media table. 

Where is the Best Place to Put a Console Table?

Console tables can be placed in small hallways or on walls that have smaller walkways that you don’t want to obstruct. 

How Do You Make a Console Table Look Good?

There are seemingly endless ways to make a console table look great. You can add different decor pieces you’ve collected throughout your travels to add more character and depth to a smaller space. 

You can even turn a little nook in your home into a bar by adding glasses, cocktail making utensils, and fun liquors.
The key to making a console table look great is by not overcrowding it. Display only what is necessary and use storage boxes to tuck away other less sightly items.

Here are our favorite black console tables to help you utilize those small spaces in a gorgeous way:

Best Black Console Table

Arlow Console Table

If you’re looking for a piece that can grow and evolve with your ever changing style—the  Arlow Console Table is a perfect choice. This console table is made from solid acacia wood and features a cane inlay that brings tons texture and interest to the piece. The Arlow table can be styled to fit almost any aesthetic, making it perfect for those who love to change up their style. 

Ardsley Console Table

black console table

The Ardsley Console Table features a gorgeous half-moon shape that provides ample space for showcasing your favorite photos, knick knacks, or whatever other important things you want to feature in your home. This table is crafted from solid engineered wood that has been carved by expert woodworkers to give the piece a special handmade charm. The Ardsley table is ideal for those who love the old world charm of antique style furniture. 

Modern Black Console Table

modern black console table

If you love modern style, you’ll probably love the Linden Black Metal Console Table. This playful console table features black mesh siding and tall stiletto legs. The open shelf design is perfect for displaying photos, awards, books, or other fun treasures you’ve collected. 

Loft Console Table

If you love minimalist decor that still makes a statement—the Loft Console Table is a great choice. The black iron stiletto legs provide a sturdy frame to hold the faux marble countertop. The black base and white marble provide a dramatic contrast that works to elevate the piece. This makes it ideal for modern, minimalist, and elegant styles of homes.

Lewis Console Table 

modern black console table

Are you someone with a bold and elegant style? The Lewis Console Table is the perfect mix of modern, elegant, and upscale design. The three soft-close drawers provide ample space to tuck away things like cords, batteries, mail, and other unsightly belongings you’d prefer to hide. This console table is made from solid kiln-dried beech wood and engineered hardwood that is made to last a lifetime. 

Malibu Metal Outdoor Console Table

outdoor console table

 If you’re looking for a small, stylish, and practical design, the Malibu Metal Outdoor Console Table could be the best choice for you. This console table is crafted from rust proof powder-coated aluminum, so you won’t have to worry about it getting ruined in the salty, beachy air. This table can be easily styled to make any corner or hallway in your home shine.

Benchwright Grand Console Table

The Benchwright Grand Console Table is an extra long piece that is ideal for grans entryways and wide corridors. This two drawer design features plenty of space to tuck away belongings that are unsightly like spare keys, mail, and extra remotes. The Benchwright console table is crafted from 5-ply and solid MDF meaning its heavy and built to last. 

Harmon Console Table

If you’re in the market for a sophisticated and sleek design to perfectly compliment your home, the Harmon Console Table is just that. This console table is handcrafted from finished aluminum and struts bronze accents on the drawer pulls. The Harmon Console table would be the perfect compliment to any space needing a storage and style upgrade.

Hoffman Metal Console Table

Sleek, classy, and timeless—the Hoffman Metal Console Table is the perfect addition to any small nook or hallway in your home that you need to jazz up. This table is crafted from powder coated steel and sturdy enough to hold up to 66 pounds with ease. Choose between either the 36 inch or 48 inch long pieces.

Searcy Table

The Searcy Console Table is the perfect blend of mid-century modern and industrial aesthetic. This iron console table features three drawers that provide ample space to store the things you don’t want on display, while providing a spacious 50 inch table top to display the valuables you do. This sturdy console table boasts the ability to hold up to 121 pounds of goods. 

Metal Console Table

black metal console table

If you’re looking for a streamlined yet grand console table to complement your space—the Tanner Grand Console Table could be the perfect choice for you. The frame is crafted from hand-hammered iron that gives it a rich texture, and the glass is tempered to ensure it stays crack free. The Tanner console is contract grade and spans 66 inches long—perfect for a larger space that needs some extra storage 

Black Metal Console Table

If you’re someone who wants every piece in their home to be a true work of art—you’ll appreciate the architecture and design of the Shalina Console Table.This art deco inspired piece is crafted from New Zealand pine with hand-hammered metal ferrules that give this piece even more depth. 

Black Console Table With Drawers

black console table with drawers

The Fletcher Console Table boasts a “classic & carefree” style with its slender legs and tapered feet. This table is made from solid mahogany wood and features two drawers, and a long shelf to display and conceal your belongings. It is 44 inches wide making it the perfect addition to any small space.

Console Table with Woven Rattan Shelf

If you’re looking for a way to bring more natural texture and contrast to a space in your home—this Console Table with Woven Rattan Shelf is the perfect accent piece. This piece features two long and open shelves that provide the perfect surfaces to display your photos, trinkets, or other valuables you’ve collected. The rattan bottom shelf adds a beautiful punch of texture and color to this classic piece.

Warwick Narrow Console Table

The Warwick Narrow Console Table is an understated and timeless design that can work well with so many different aesthetics. This two-shelf design is perfect for displaying  books, photos, and other valuables you want to highlight in your home. Its 46 inches wide and comes finished in black, brown, or natural stained wood.

Peyton 3 Drawer Table

The Peyton 3 Drawer Console Table is a sophisticated design that features gorgeous carvings and a spacious drawer system. If you’re looking for a console table that can conceal things that you want to hide away, and display your valuables for all of your guests to see—this table may be the right choice for you. 

Kavali Wooden Console Table

The Kavali Console Table is a shining example of merging mixed materials for an elegant finish. Each table is hand crafted by expert artisans out of solid iron that has been powder coated to ensure it stays blemish and rust free for a lifetime. The double shelves are made from finished aluminum that gives this piece the feeling of being antique. 

Finnley Table

Are you looking for a statement piece to make an entryway or corridor in your space shine? Look no further than the Finnley Console Table. This table is another mixed material design that works to elevate any space it graces.it features hand finished pine from Finland and is topped with your choice of a marble or bluestone tabletop. It comes in both 63 and 73 inch options.

Bodhi Console Table

The Bodhi Console Table boasts a bold yet minimalistic silhouette. This two shelf design also features two ample drawers to conceal the things you’d prefer to not have on display. Each piece is handcrafted from start to finish to ensure that it’ll not only last, but be crafted to perfection. The ebony finish is ideal for a bold and grounded space, but it also comes in a brighter salvaged gray.

Merle Table

If you crave victorian inspired decor complete with ornate detailings and the expert craftsmanship to match—the Merle Console Table will surely take your breath away. This handcrafted piece features three large drawers that are perfect for tucking away unsightly belongings. This solid mahogany piece is large and sturdy enough to last for generations. 

Park Table

The Park Console Table is modern, minimalistic, and features small detailings that turn this simple silhouette into a work of art. This console table is crafted from solid ash wood and engineered hardwood and hand finished in a sleek and stylish dark ebony. Choose between three different lengths— 48. 58, and 68 inches. 

Pearson Cane Sofa Back Table

The Pearson Cane Sofa Back Console Table is a gorgeous handcrafted piece that was meticulously built by Indonesian artisans. This piece is made from solid mindi wood and stunning subtle cane detailings in the shelves. It spans an impressive 72 inches long and is made to be the perfect companion for the back of your sofa. 

Finnley Low Media Console Table

If you’re in the market for a truly luxurious looking console table—the Finnley Low Media Console Table is a beautiful choice. This mixed material design features a white marble top, reeded oak detailings, and zinc-alloy hardware. This piece features two large drawers that are perfect for tucking away things like cords, remotes, batteries, etc. This piece is sure to be a showstopper in any upscale design. 

Graham Console

black console table

If you’re looking for the perfect rustic console table to compliment your space then you’ll love the Graham Console. This piece is made from solid mango wood and features subtle distressing to give it an antiqued and textured look. The Graham Console is perfect for a relaxed cozy space and can be styled in endless ways to keep your space feeling fresh. 

Ashton Table

The Ashton Console Table is an ideal compliment to any traditional and classic styled home. It’s made from powder coated steel and features glass shelving to keep your space feeling light and fresh. It features ample shelving space to display plenty of photos, books, and trinkets. The large open space below is ideal for housing boxes or baskets, but can be left open to keep your space feeling clutter-free. 

Vance Console Table

If you’re in the market for a showstopping piece that’ll instantly elevate any home—the Vance Console Table is an ideal choice. This table is crafted from solid mango wood and features wave carings that work to soften this otherwise angular, geometric piece. While grand in appearance, this piece is perfectly tailored to work in a small space.

Mille Console Table

Looking for a slender piece that can fit in a small hallway or nook? The Mille Console Table is just 10 inches deep making it the ideal companion for a smaller space. It’s made from solid metal and inspired by industrial design. Choose between two lengths—42 and 55 inches long. 

We hope you’ve found the perfect black console table to suit your space and make it shine!

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