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Excited to share some of my favorites from buybuy BABY! If you order for contactless pick-up, you receive 20% off your order (details here) and if you’re anything like me and procrastinate, this is the best option! Shipping can be iffy at the tail-end of Christmas. I’ve been a longtime partner of the brand and always appreciate their never-ending selection of items. We’ve gotten the majority of Harlow and Oak’s toys from here (in addition to everyday essentials), so I thought it would be fun to share what they’ve been loving as of late. Everything below is toddler approved, tried and true! The buybuy BABY website is super organized (with my coupons already saved at check-out) which makes holiday shopping a breeze. For example, if you’re looking for ‘toys for infants‘ they break it out in sections for seamless shopping:

  • rattles and teethers
  • stroller and car seat toys
  • play gyms
  • play mats
  • you get the idea!

and that’s just for the infant section! I love this browsing format since littles can be tough to shop for. Don’t forget – they also price match! Keep your eyes open for some amazing last minute deals (some that are going on now)


  1. CAKE POP: I love this imaginative cake-pop kit for pretend play! It seriously looks darling in the playroom. GET. THIS!
  2. PLAY KITCHEN: Oaklee has played with the play kitchen since 8 months old. He loves standing on it while Harlow cooks him up something delicious! This is my must buy from the guide! I love watching their imaginations when playing.
  3. SCOOTER: Harlow plays with her scooter every single day. We live in Chicago, and unfortunately, some days we don’t get outside because it’s too cold! This scooter likes to ride around indoors often! Keeps her busy!
  4. PIANO: Oaklee (10 months) loves this piano. He’s a little musical genius!
  5. BLOCKS: We play blocks in our house everyday. These are a staple for every baby/kid!
  6. EASEL: This mini easel is top rated and educational. A great way to learn letters or draw pictures.
  7. EGG CARTON: Babies love putting things inside objects. This egg toy was a favorite with Harlow and now Oaklee. It’s top rated!
  8. DIMPLE INTERACTIVE TOY: We love Fat Brain Toys. Oaklee loves playing with this in the car.
  9. THE FLOOR IS LAVA: Cannot wait to give Harlow this for Christmas! She’s been obsessed with this game!
  10. DYSON VACUUM: Every kid goes crazy for this one! Couldn’t get our hands on it last year, but it’s in stock this time!

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This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY babyhood program! As always, all opinions are entirely my own. Thanks for supporting brands that make Happily Inspired possible! 

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