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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m so excited to share my first official gift guide of the season with buybuy BABY! I’ve been a longtime partner of the brand and always appreciate their never-ending selection of items. We’ve gotten the majority of Harlow’s toys from here, so I thought it would be fun to share what she’s been loving as of late. Everything below is toddler approved, tried and true! The buybuy BABY website is super organized (with my coupons already saved at check-out) which makes holiday shopping a breeze. For example, if you’re looking for ‘toys for infants‘ they break it out in sections for seamless shopping:

  • rattles and teethers
  • stroller and car seat toys
  • play gyms
  • play mats
  • plush
  • blocks, stackers and sorters
  • activity walkers and tables
  • activity centers and jumpers
  • playroom gates

and that’s just for the infant section! I love this browsing format since littles can be tough to shop for. Don’t forget – they also price match! Keep your eyes open for some amazing Black Friday deals (some that are going on now)


  1. bounce and spin puppy: Harlow can’t get enough of this toy at 2! It’s suitable for ages 12-36 months which will give you plenty of use! It has playful songs and phrases to the alphabet, colors, numbers, and more. All while bouncing away! Educational, fun and a toddler fave.
  2. leapfrog laptop: I got this toy based off of the reviews and it has so many different activities! It can go from laptop mode to ‘ipad’ mode (touch screen) which makes learning fun! It is recommended for ages 3-7, but Harlow’s been loving this since age 1 1/2. A great toy for the car!
  3. wooden blocks: Harlow plays with these daily, and still has yet to get sick of them. We make towers together while practicing colors & shapes. Not to mention they’re sturdy and fun!
  4. wooden pots and pans set: The play kitchen is a fan favorite here, and we love all of the cute accessories buybuy BABY has! Aren’t these wooden pieces so chic for cookin’ up something delicious? She loves putting them in the microwave.
  5. learning piggy bank: Another toy that Harlow plays with consistently. It teaches them to count, helps with colors and it’s great for motor skills. This isn’t a toy that just sits on the shelf — I see her consistently use this weekly (why I had to share!)
  6. dyson vacuum: I got this for her last year and it still gets played with regularly. The kicker — it actually picks up small pieces off the floor! Whenever I vacuum, Harlow joins in on the fun. I always recommend this for every parent!
  7. play kitchen: Like I said above, this kitchen gets used DAILY. It’s worth every single penny! Love watching Harlow use her creative imagination with cooking up something fabulous!
  8. lucky duck game: I can’t wait to give this to Harlow on Christmas morning! She loves games, and I think this one is so cute and educational! Not to mention, what toddler doesn’t love ducks? It says ages 3+, but I will see how she does.
  9. castle: our favorite place to read books and play lately. I take it down when she’s not using it as much, but usually pull it out a few weeks later. It’s a great toy to keep on rotation.
  10. scooter: I got Harlow a scooter for her 2nd birthday and it’s been a hit. We live in Chicago, so it’s definitely cold (which means not much time outside) – we actually let her ride her scooter around inside and she’s gotten so good at it! A great toy to get you through the winter months.
  11. tea set: A cute tea set that will last for years. Plays cute music and has an interactive spout (when they pour)
  12. activity desk: OK, so this is my NUMBER ONE toy of the year! Harlow has played with this toy every single day (not kidding) and even uses it as a snack table for when she’s eating. It can do so many different things, and keeps her busy for longer periods of time. I highly recommend this for every tot! Best purchase ever!
  13. jellyfish bath toy: We can’t get enough of bath toys around here, and these are so cute and fun!

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This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY babyhood program! As always, all opinions are entirely my own. Thanks for supporting brands that make Happily Inspired possible!