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Every so often, I have a pinch-me-moment with blogging, and last weekend was one of them. If you would have told high school Arin that I’d get to ‘work’ with Woodfield Mall, I would have fallen to the floor! Seriously though — I’ve been shopping in these stores for over 15 years (wait, can we go back to allowance?!) I’m always delighted to share the latest, so I immediately jumped at the chance to hangout with their team last week. For those of you unfamiliar with the mall, it’s located in Schaumburg (about 30 miles outside of Chicago) and is one of the largest shopping destinations in the United States with more than 2 million square feet of retailers. Make sure to check-out some of my favorite stores here. Recently, they added something really exciting! More on that below! 

Woodfield Mall unveiled a new dining pavilion (it’s gorgeous) and the perfect pit-stop to re-fuel. The improvements include something for everyone – Stans Donuts, Nic’s Organic Fast food, Auntie Annie’s (always my favorite) Chill bubble tea & so much more. If you’re in a hurry — these Woodfield dining options are order-at-the-counter. It was much needed, so I’m glad to see the addition!

Woodfield Mall is also home to some delicious dine-in dining options. Kinfork BBQ & Tap, The Cheesecake Factory, and Uncle Julio’s to name a few. These are the stops we made on our adventures! You guys, I couldn’t even move after this night! It was insanely delicious (sharing some of my favorites from each below!) So grateful for the team for letting me enjoy! 



  • Hush Puppies: jalepeno, cheddar cheese and lime sauce (OMGUUUR!)
  • Cheese Curds: A family favorite — Wisconsin white cheddar, beer-battered with chili aIoli
  • *Chopped BBQ Brisket Nachos: (definitely a favorite!) House made chips, corn, cheddar-jalapeno cheese sauce, fire-roasted salsa and so much more. This app could have served the entire mall! Huge!
  • Smoked wings: Another favorite – always my go-to on a Friday night.
  • Honey butter cornbread: gooey deliciousness.


First of all — you’ve got to get the frozen margarita. SO GOOD! They made it table-side, and it every bit of delicious. We also had just about everything from the menu, but some of my favorites below: Make sure to check-out Uncle Julio’s full menu.

  • Habanero honey bacon shrimp: grilled jumbo shrimp stuffed with fresh minced and quest fresco, wrapped in smoked bacon and topped with a honey chipotle glaze. Hungry yet?
  • Guacamole: I now guac is extra, duh. You can’t go to Uncle Julio’s and not order the guac! So fresh and satisfying.
  • Fajita combos: A little bit of everything, but the steak certainly hit the spot!
  • Ready for the grand finale? The chocolate piñata – yup! Filled with homemade churros, fresh fruit and berries. Served with raspberry, chocolate and caramel sauces and house-made whipped cream. You actually get to knock open a chocolate piñata – if that’s not the coolest thing that you’ve ever done at a restaurant, I’m not sure what is! A family favorite for sure!


If above wasn’t enough for ya’ll, we crawled our way into Cheesecake Factory and got to sample the Cinnabon cheesecake (it’s insanity) and Ghirardelli cherry cheesecake. Again, if that’s not enough — I actually took home my favorite: Oreo. The hospitality here was unparalleled, and the manager couldn’t have been friendlier. I also enjoyed the caramel royal macchiato (double espresso, hot caramel, vanilla & steamed milk) A home-run evening filled with epic dining.

Make sure to check-out Woodfield this holiday season – so much in store, and I can’t wait to get my shop on yet again!

cheese curds | Kinfork
hush puppies & nachos | kinfork
Uncle Julio’s

This post is sponsored by Woodfield Mall. As always, opinions are entirely my own. Thank you for supporting brands that make Happily Inspired possible! 


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