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I can’t even believe Oaklee is 9 months old! He’s been the most magical addition to our family, and I’ve learned to treasure this journey even more the second time around. I’ve also picked up some mama-hacks along the way for when I need them most. Sharing one of my favorites below! Spread the word!

One of my mama friends told me to always use diaper cream after each dirty diaper. Regardless if they have a rash/not, this actually prevents one from appearing. As a first-time-mama to Harlow, I took this advice to heart, was very diligent and never missed a change! She never had a diaper rash! I went through multiple brands, but my sister got me hooked on this brand: Triple Paste Diaper Rash cream. We’re probably on our 800th tub to date. It’s magic in a can. With Oaklee, our journey has been different. I wasn’t as diligent with applying each change, and unfortunately — he developed a severe rash. As soon as I used Triple Paste, it cleared up in hours. It’s hard seeing our babies in discomfort, and I’m grateful to this brand for getting it right time and time again.

Triple paste is pediatrician-recommended and dermatologist-tested, and it’s endorsed by the National Eczema Association. This puts my mama heart at ease. So many products out there marketed to babies without these stamps of approval! Triple paste is an all-in-one triple protection. It not only prevents (why my friend said to apply at each dirty diaper as a newborn) but it treats and soothes. I can instantly see relief upon applying to my baby boy! It also has a 5-star rating and raving reviews.

PRO TIP: Take it from an experienced mama! Keep a tub of Triple Paste by the changing table and apply after each dirty diaper. I like to glob on a handy amount to ensure relief after changing. Especially as a newborn since changes are frequent.



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