Benefits of Sleeping Naked | Top 5 Reasons to Sleeping Naked

There are so many benefits of sleeping naked, I’m just listing my top 5 favorite! Recently, I’ve been exploring life a-la-nude. (No, I’m not moving to a nudist colony). I’m talking about about snoozing au naturel! Something I have never done before! Only about 8% of Americans catch Z’s in their birthday suits (crazy, right?!) About a month ago, I decided to give it a go, and my only regret is not going sooner…

benefits of sleeping naked

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Not only does it feel amazing, but there is scientific evidence to boot! Below, I’m sharing 5 benefits of sleeping naked. You’ll never want to go back!


  1. You’ll Sleep Better: Yup, your body temperature naturally declines as you sleep in a deep slumber. Wearing PJ’s can actually disrupt this behavior, and in result, wake you up! (boo!) If you can’t cool down, you’re not going to sleep well — Insomnia is the worst, right?! If you’ve been having trouble sleeping, perhaps taking some layers off is what you need. It’s science. One of my favorite benefits of sleeping naked for sure! 
  2. Air it Out: Ha, let’s get straight to the point — Sleeping naked is healthy for the gal ‘downstairs’ — Your V can be a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. By keeping things trapped (with panties) all night, you’re not doing yourself a favor. Air it out, keep things dry/healthy — and let her breathe in ease!
  3. You’re Sexy: You’ll just feel sexier, and that’s important! Waking up in the nude will put you in a ‘sexy state’ of mind as soon as you wake up. If you’re sleeping with a SO, there’s nothing better than getting right to it! Put an extra spring to your step, and give it a go! Confidence is king: You have to love yourself (and this includes letting it all hang out!) first and foremost. Girl power!
  4. Shower Less: Want some extra sleep in the AM? Skip the shower! (Coming from the gal who’s hair won’t dry! Takes forever and ever to get out the door!) Since you’re staying cooler throughout the night, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed with no sweat. No more greasy hair/sticky body as soon as you wake up. PSA: I’m not encouraging you to never shower (that wouldn’t do justice to the folks at work) — I’m simply saying to do it less. Most science suggests washing hair every other day. Take a nightly bath to rid the germs …
  5. More Sex: Maybe this is a little TMI, but let’s face it: if you sleep naked, you’re going to have more sex. (This is a Doctor’s words, not mine!) If you’re already ‘dressed’ for the occasion (see what I did there?) Then there are absolutely no road-blocks in the way! This will not only improve your relationship, but reduce stress levels, depression and a boat-load of other benefits. Skin on skin is the best feeling, especially when you’re going to bed.

Oh, and Forbes says it will make you wealthier, so there’s that!

Did you know the benefits of sleeping naked?


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