A night with Channing Tatum & George Clooney | LA

flared denim

My apologies for the crickets around here as of late — I’ve been working hard behind the scenes! I just signed a deal with Motorola (more to come!) & I am back from an amazing trip in LA with my blogger bestie, Ariel! We ventured to Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, & beyond. Oh, and ready for the best part? We got to hang with George Clooney, Channing Tatum, and Jonah Hill at a movie premiere! (NBD) I was absolutely drooling the entire time. I would watch Channing watch himself on the big screen (he was sitting right near me!) — So, basically, my head was turned away from the screen the entire time. (Cute, I know). For those of you that are wondering — we saw ‘Hail,Caesar’ and I highly recommend checking it out! Channing has a crazy tap-dance sequence that’s unreal. Like, insanely good. I also saw Elizabeth Olsen a few times, and I am completely infatuated with the Olsen family! They are my girl-crushes! Anyway: Make sure you follow along on snapchat: @heartofchic if you don’t already! I’m always snapping my adventures! (my fiancé hates me, ha!) — I love bringing everyone along for the ride! Now, back to reality …



For those of you that know me — you’ve seen the bell-sleeve before. I can’t have enough! It’s very boho-chic — gal meets glam. Maybe I should have been alive in the 70’s!? I found this one for under $25! (Hurry, going quickly) They also have it in black. I paired with flares to give it a punch, and added a fun layered necklace (Another trend I can’t get enough of!) to seal the deal!









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