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It’s Harlow’s first Easter, and I am so excited! Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays — I used to love hunting around the house for my basket. Did anyone else have the same tradition? One year, it was hidden in the dryer! It literally took me forever to find it! My mom always went above and beyond for holidays, and I’ll most definitely pass the same down to my babies.

Last week, we went to visit the Easter Bunny at Woodfield Mall.

Let me tell you, Harlow wasn’t even phased the slightest! I was secretly hoping for a melt down, because those photos are hilarious (mom fail). We got some super cute stuff — see my finds below! (click on image to shop)

This isn’t our first rodeo at Woodfield, it’s one of my favorite malls for the vast selection of retailers. A few of my favorites: Anthropologie, Nordstrom, H&M (they have the cutest baby stuff), Macy’s, Apple, Gymboree, and Lululemon. I always stop for a pretzel at Auntie Annie’s, too. Obviously. You can see a full store list here, they have it all.

Since it’s her first Easter, I went a tad overboard.

I got her a few bathing suits. Honestly because who can resist chunky baby thighs at the pool? I also got this sprinkler (can you handle?) I thought it would be cute for her to sit next to it with the water on low so she can splash. It’s also darling! I had so much fun shopping for Harlow — how times have changed, right? I didn’t even pick myself up one thing! I’m going to treat myself soon!

Thanks to Woodfield Mall for hosting us! 

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