Making Time for Us | Why Date nights are so important

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Our little girl is officially 8 weeks old, and you guys were right — time is flying. I definitely have a new-found respect for mamas out there! Now that we’re slowly getting into the groove of things (not that you ever do!) I’m starting to realize the importance of date nights. More than ever before, it’s important to stay connected with your spouse. When the entirety of your life revolves around a newborn, it’s easy to forget the OG’s (you know, the original squad). Pre-babe, date nights were a no-brainer, automatic. These days, we have to play WAY ahead, but we’re better for it. I know what you’re thinking, ‘date night?’ — who has time for date night with a newborn? For us, we’re learning that you have to make time for what’s important. Since we’re both self-employed and finances are tight, we’ve been enjoying dinner in. OK, and I’m still having a hard time leaving! (I said it, ha).
Today, I’m sharing our ‘fancy’ date-night-in that took less than 10 min to whip up! What’s on the menu? Juicy, top-sirloin steaks with Alexia white cheddar riced cauliflower and Alexia butternut squash risotto accompanied with parmesan cheese and sea salt. Such a warm, Autumn meal that was beyond easy to prepare and every bit of delicious.
Since I’m breastfeeding, and 2 months postpartum — I’ve been trying my best to eat healthy and lose the baby weight. When I saw these Alexia sides in the frozen section, I knew I had to try! The butternut squash risotto combines sweet with savory, with a touch of cream to give taste buds a reason to dance. Legit, so good! The cauliflower risotto is so flavorful, it doesn’t even taste healthy. This is coming from the gal that has to force-feed herself veggies. Another bonus? Non-GMO project verified, gluten-free (score!) and organic dairy ingredients. Personally, I’m all for sides that don’t require additional ingredients to prep, and ready to cook out of the bag! It’s a new mom’s BFF. Look for Alexia Premium Vegetable Sides at Giant Eagle, Kroger, Meijer and other fine grocers. Don’t forget to visit for more inspiration, and meet the Manhattan chef who changed my kitchen!


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What do your date nights consist of? Would love to hear below!


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