Practicing Gratitude for the Simple Things That are Making me Happy Right Now

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Can I be totally honest for a second? I’ve been in a funk.  If you follow me on IG stories, you probably saw that we’re having some neighbor woes. It’s totally bumming me out. Additionally, I just haven’t been feeling myself. Not sure how else to describe it, other than — I just feel meh. The daily grind can make us overlook some amazing details. You know, the stuff that makes us feel happy and fulfilled. Lately, I’ve been hung up on everything that’s going wrong, instead of right. Which leads to forgetting about the beautiful simple pleasures that bring joy every single day.

Expressing gratitude is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety (something I’ve struggled with for many years) destress, and live more calmly.

Expressing gratitude is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety (something I’ve struggled with for many years) destress, and live more calmly. I actually wrote a post about it here, and all of the benefits it brings. I wanted to write a reminder of all the simple things I’m grateful for. The little joys in life that I should celebrate on the daily. Practicing gratitude is a journey. The more you do it, the more positive your life will become. Keep at it, and remember — this too shall pass.

Here’s my list of simple things I’m grateful for:

While I’m most grateful for my beautiful baby girl, family, food/shelter — I wanted to highlight the simple pleasures that we so often overlook xx


I absolutely love my morning cup of coffee. It’s one of the first things I gravitate toward upon waking, and it warms my soul right up. Lately, I’ve been taking it along on my morning walks with Harlow. There’s something so magical about peaceful, quiet mornings (before people are out) with my java in one hand, and my baby girl in the other. I know I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

Blog + Work

When I started this blog, I never anticipated it to be my main source of income. I graduated with a communication degree (2008) and worked in corporate marketing for many years. I was absolutely miserable. I hated having to answer to someone (literally felt guilty for eating lunch) and the way they made me feel. Almost ‘less than’ because my title wasn’t aligned with theirs. It wasn’t until the support of my (now) hubby and family — wouldn’t be where I am today without them. I took the leap, left the unhappy work grind and became my own boss. While some days, I’m completely overwhelmed with balancing mom + work, I finally feel fulfilled. I am so grateful for the people that cheered my life passions on, and put those not-so-supportive people on the back shelf.


For my close friends/family (they’re probably laughing at this) but, seriously — I used to think libraries were entirely useless. Now, it’s my favorite place to bring Harlow. So many free, fun activities. I love watching Harlow interact with other kids during story-time, and exploring. Not to mention, completely free! I’m on a bit of a spending freeze since the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so definitely grateful for this community!


We recently took a week long vacation up north (Michigan) and it was the best getaway. Living through the eyes of our baby girl while she experiences so many firsts: sand, beach, waves, etc. It’s a complete rush of life, and something I love most about motherhood. To be as excited for the little things, like our children — will be my ultimate mission. It’s healthy to get out of your bubble, and experience what other states and countries have to offer. It can be something as simple as an hour road trip, or visiting a new city in the next town over or as grand as visiting an entirely new country. These will be things you’ll never, ever forget about .

Me Time

While I absolutely love my time with Harlow, it’s equally important to take care of myself. I try to take an hour long bath each night to decompress (get away from my monitor) and enjoy the quiet. While this task will grow harder as babes get older, I’m enjoying the peace it brings right now, in this very moment.

Four Seasons

My husband is quick to complain about the cold weather Chicago brings. Let me be the first to tell you, it’s rough. It wasn’t until our walk this morning that I said out loud, ‘aren’t we so lucky to experience 4 seasons?’ — It keeps life exciting. Every season brings something so new and beautiful. Personally, fall in Chicago is my absolute favorite. The way the state looks with the changing leaves, it’s a sight I’ll never grow tired of.

What simple joys are you grateful for today? A deep breath? Hot cup of tea? Tell me below! xx

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