5 things to discuss before moving in together

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Let’s start with the obvious, money. Don’t let it stand in your way — Have a plan before you move in together. Will you be splitting the bills? Splitting the rent? What about groceries? Moving in together is like a little marriage experiment, let this time prep you for the real deal. The more you determine before, the less you’ll clash. Just talk to your partner, and try to find the best solution for the both of you. It may take you awhile to compromise, and that’s okay — Just make sure to do this before!
Merging two lives together is not an easy task! Girls, we have more ‘stuff’ than we think! Purses, accessories, clothing, trinkets — the list goes on. Make sure to have a plan before moving in together of what will go where. My boyfriend is purchasing wardrobes, and dressers to keep things organized. One thing that was important to me — having an office space. Verbalize your wants, and desires — and start creating a ‘floor-plan’ of furniture so nothing is a surprise on move-in day! This is very important! 
Communication is key, folks. The first thing that comes to mind — guests. Make sure you discuss guests, parties & events with your partner before moving in together! Will you have to give each other 24-hour notice, a few days? Compromise on a solution that works best for the both of you. Also, talk about your feelings. Don’t let little things build-up inside, and forgive. Nobody likes to be nagged — Discuss who will be doing chores. Will you do the dishes together? What about laundry? These seem like minor tasks, but they build-up causing unnecessary arguments. My boyfriend and I play ‘highs & lows’ everyday, it helps us get a feel for where we’re at. Keep in touch with one another.
So, your’e moving in together — why? If your’e doing it for convenience, don’t. If your reason is to ‘save money’ — take a deeper look into your relationship. Make sure you’re making this move for good reason, not just any reason. I’ve been living paycheck to paycheck for a couple years, and never once moved in with my boyfriend to save money. I’m moving in because we have a future plan, we both have similar wants in life, and feel after 2 years, the timing is right. I understand everyone is different, just depends where your’e both at in life. 
Now that you’re living together, space is key. Make sure to spend time apart, and still create your own life. Keep your friends, and relationships close — this is when you need them most! I’ve seen too many friends move in with their partner, and fall off the face of earth! Your social life is important, and your partner will respect you that much more. The more time you spend apart, the more your heart will appreciate. Keep that romance, and spark alive, always! 
Hope you found some of these tips valuable — I’m taking the plunge myself next month! Any advice? Feel free to leave a comment, I read each and every one! XX


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