5 Denim Skirts that are Mom Bod Approved

mom outfits: denim skirts

Happy Thursday, all!

I took a mini-break to take a breather from all that’s going on around the world. It felt a little silly to come on here and chat ‘style’ when real shi* is happening. At the same time, I want this corner of the internet to be a happy haven. A place where you can come, feel inspired and leave a little lighter. I’ve been sharing bits and pieces on Instagram, so make sure to follow along.

Since it’s been a little while: Harlow is getting so big (almost 10 months!) and her heart is so beautiful. She’s starting to share her snacks with me (definitely didn’t get that from her mama) and stand up on furniture. It’s such a fun age, and I’m soaking up every ounce. I’m also in the process of designing her playroom, and cannot wait to share with you very soon! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect wallpaper, and still can’t find the ‘one’. If you have any ideas on where to look, please let me know in the comments below! That’s pretty much the missing link, oh — and a trip to Ikea.

Does anyone else have to bribe their other half? Shouldn’t the snack bar be enough? Eye roll.

OK, onto denim skirts.

wearing // striped t-shirt (under $15) denim skirt | Cult Gaia purse | white bow shoes | straw hat 

a list of 5 denim skirts for moms

rosé all day sign

denim skirt outfit paired with white striped tee

This shoot was a fun one, because I did it with my partner in crime, Nicole. We’ve become close over the year, and I’m beyond grateful for our friendship. It can be difficult navigating the blogging world, so having someone to bounce ideas off of, and really understand the industry helps! It’s a double plus when they’re able to meet you for rosè at 11am on a Tuesday. Cheers! PS: If you haven’t been to the Hampton Social, run! They have 2 locations, and both do not disappoint. It’s such a cute atmosphere, and the perfect backdrop for that IG shot. OK — seriously, onto the denim skirts.

My body changed a lot after having a baby.

To be completely honest, I’m still trying to navigate my wardrobe and find what works for me. I was extremely hesitant to dive into the denim skirt trend, but felt compelled to channel my inner 90’s child. Everything old is new again (including Abercrombie) and I’m not mad about it. Maybe we can make Tamogatchi a thing again, too? (Kids these days, they just have no idea).

I found the perfect denim skirt that wasn’t too short (which is extremely difficult I might add).

I have a bigger booty which makes it increasingly tough to find a proper length since it rides up in the back. I’m also into basics these days, so I’m stocking up on solid tees and stripes. My mom uniform usually consists of shorts, and a tee. Comfortable, and practical — especially because I’m chasing around a cute little babe all day. I’m sharing 5 more skirts below that were also contenders during my search. xx

hanging hammock seat

what to wear with a denim skirt

top denim skirts for moms

denim skirts outfit



t doesn’t get more classic than a denim skirt—and this version is even more of a closet must, thanks to its fun frayed hem.

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A classic denim mini skirt is an iconic staple of laid-back looks.

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the denim skirt is our favorite pared-back wardrobe staple.

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An indigo jean skirt with a customized-it-yourself vibe thanks to cool cutoff hems.

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A fun twist on the classic denim. Make sure to order a size up, runs small!

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