29 Truths on My 29th Birthday | Monday Motivation

Oh em gee — not sure how it happened, but I’ve officially hit milestone 2-9! It’s my birthday! (Fun fact: I share it with Marilyn Monroe). These 20’s have been one hell of a ride, and I’ve learned so much along the way. For starters: I’ve learned how valuable my time is, and more importantly — who I’m surrounding myself with. I thought I’d share some of these lessons, in hopes to inspire all of you! (It’s not a coincidence that my official birthday lands on motivation monday, btw!) Cheesy, so what — I’m all about that! Thanks for following along on this journey, I love having the company while I figure this life thing out! XX

  1. Follow happy: As many of you know, I recently left my full-time position to pursue my happy (which includes blogging, & freelance at the moment) — Don’t let finances stop you, seriously. You’ll figure it out; you’re capable of anything you set your mind to.
  2. Going out every weekend isn’t worth it: Nope, sorry. My 72 hour hangover, and $100 tab isn’t worth it. I’ll take a movie in bed, please.
  3. Pets make people happy: I’ve been on a dog-kick lately (still working on the boyfriend) — but, seriously — They’re like a daily dose of happy (oh, and it’s scientifically proven). In the mean time: I’m down to puppy-sit, Chicagoans!
  4. World Travel:  There is so much of the world to see, and learn. (I have my wish-list!) On the flip-side: there’s really no place like home (or your own bed, am I right?!)
  5. Love conquers all: When you’re in love, nothing else seems to matter. I wish for everyone to experience this magical journey.
  6. We’re all on a different timeline: My entire Facebook feed is engaged, or pregnant — I’m sure of this. Stop comparing yourself to a social media timeline. (Arin included). Trust the timing of your life. Everything will fall into place.
  7. Smile: I’ve learned that smiling and kindness are the best accessory. Even on those rainy days…
  8. Family Dynamic: Family dynamics will change as you grow older — Priorities shift, life-events happen & things aren’t like they used to be. Hold on tight to one another; some of those tides can get rough, but you’ll come out alright.
  9. Comparison: STOP COMPARING YOUR LIFE TO SOMEONE ELSE’S MIDDLE. This is one I’m continuously working on. Social media doesn’t make it easy! The more time you spend on someone else’s life, is time you waste on your own success. Stay the course, dolls.
  10. Surround yourself with good: Another not-so-easy part of getting older: cutting toxic out of your life. Really look at your circle, and ask yourself what good they’re bringing into your life. Do they make you laugh, are they supportive? The drama, and gossip aren’t worth it — Hence the reason I cut out half my social circle. It’s not an easy thing, but it’s worth it. My life is a lot more simple these days. Call me boring, so what.
  11. Invest in quality: I think I’m finally figuring this one out; I’m all for a bargain buy — but, spending more money on quality is worth it. I’d rather shell $100 on a pair of heels, then $20 (which will probably end up being 6-7 during the course of the year). Those quality items won’t need replacing for a long time.
  12. Write your goals down: A goal without a written plan is just an idea. Trust me on this one! (I’m still struggling to follow through). Take your time, write your thoughts down & develop a plan of action. Your dreams don’t work unless you do!
  13. Take a mental-sick day: Stop being so afraid to call in sick! We all deserve a random week-day to indulge in the simple things. Grab some ice-cream by the lake, lay in bed, binge-watch Netflix — whatever! Enjoy yourself, you’re worth it. XX
  14. Fresh flowers: There’s nothing better than some fresh flowers bed-side! You’ll wake up with a little extra cheer, trust me! XX
  15. Experiences over things: Looking back at my life, the memories stand-out. Not the newest iPhone, or those killer designer shoes — It was that amazing trip in Michigan; with the waves, and that sparkling smile I still can’t get out of my mind.
  16. Put your phone down: Ugh, still guilty of this. Those text messages can wait — spend time with your loved ones. My best friend has a zero-phone rule at the dinner table. (love that!) I need to start looking up more…
  17. Choose your time wisely: Blogging is a ton of fun — You’ll most likely get invited to the coolest events, parties and happy hours. Be selective with what you attend (this goes for everything in life). Your time is really valuable, and your energy is priceless. Try to choose events that will benefit you, and your brand.
  18. Good manners: Are you one of those ‘hurry and shut the elevator button before they come in” — oh, stop! We’ve all been there! I’ve learned that manners matter; use them more.
  19. Karma: What you put into this world, you’ll receive right back. I’m a firm-believer in karma — Treat people well, because that shit comes back around.
  20. Call your mother: You’re not too busy, pick up the phone — she’ll be happy you called.
  21. Wear sunscreen: The wrinkles aren’t worth it, protect your skin.
  22. Rely on yourself: I’ve learned to never rely on anyone, for you never know when they’ll walk-out of your life. Maybe this is a bit extreme, but it’s important to only rely on yourself. Having the built-in support is good — just don’t ever get too comfortable. You must always have faith in yourself.
  23. Pay with cash: My mama always says ‘if you don’t have the cash for it, you can’t afford it’ — I think we can all relate to the credit-card struggle! (Especially when you love to shop as much as me) — But, it’s an important reminder to put that credit card down. Debt-free is a beautiful thing.
  24. Network: The world is filled with beautiful souls, & brilliant ideas. Get out there, and meet people! They will inspire your journey, and you’ll have a ton of fun along the way.
  25. Explore: It’s important to discover the beauty surrounding you! Today, I’m headed to the Shedd Aquarium to go play with the animals! I haven’t gone in 10+ years! Go be a tourist in your own city — you’ll probably learn something new!
  26. Age is just a number: We focus too much on the numbers in life — Who cares! We all have something important to offer.
  27. Mean people suck: Catty, fake women have issues — don’t let their misery or jealousy bring you down. This is something I’ve personally struggled with in the fashion-blogging world. We should all want one another to succeed. If you find yourself surrounded with these people, don’t take it personally. Keep your head up, and heart strong. You’re going to amazing places without them.
  28. Confidence: I’m much more confident now, then I’ve ever been. You just learn to not care as much — funny, how life works.
  29. Excitement: Personally — I have yet to experience marriage, children and beyond! ’m really looking forward to what’s ahead! I’m grateful for another year (even if that means turning 30 soon! Eek!)


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