26 things every 26 year old should know…

My mom recently sent me this article, ‘45 Life Lessons Written by a 90 Year Old‘ and it really opened my heart. All the items on his list are profound, yet easily attainable. We are going too fast, friends. Get out of the express lane, and into the view. There is so much to see, so much to do, and so much to learn. “Take a deep breath, it calms the mind — make peace with your past so it doesn’t screw up the present, and life isn’t fair, but it’s still good” are a few wise teachings from someone who’s seen it all. As we get older, we understand more — we learn what’s really important in this transient life of ours. So, I as I wrestle through my 20’s, these are some lessons I’ve picked up (the hard way) along the journey, at 26. 
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26 Things Every 26 Year Old Should Know

1. Don’t compare yourself to others, you don’t know their story behind closed doors. 
2. You will lose a lot of friends after college, your true friends will stick by you through thick and thin. Get rid of toxic relationships, they will weigh you down
3. You make time for people you care about 
4. Take an hour lunch – you deserve it 
5. You will find your purpose in life, everything you’re enduring now is a piece to your puzzle. Embrace these hardships, they are study guides for later
6. Your true friends will always be supportive. Jealousy is not a friendship
7. Don’t give advice unless someone asks for it
8. Meditate for 10 minutes a day — Does wonders for your mind (truly magical, I promise)
9. Forgive, it will make you happier — Don’t hold onto expired condiments
10. Stop obsessing about your body, you are perfect just the way you are 
11. Slow down — enjoy the view (That means looking up from your iphone)
12. Stop caring so much if people like you — You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.
13. You are what you put out into this world. Send a ‘gratitude note’ daily. Write an ‘I love you’ text to your sibling, a ‘thinking about you’ email to a friend. It will make their day. 
14. Everything happens for a reason — rejection is a blessing in disguise — In time, everything will make sense 
15. Laugh a lot — adds years to your lifetime
16. You will get over your breakup, promise. I know it doesn’t seem possible now, but time heals. Cry your heart out, kick & scream, read as many quotes as you can, and buckle up for your best chapter yet.  
17. Be of service to your community. Help an elder cross the street, volunteer at your local food bank, or donate food to an animal shelter. Every penny counts
18. Keep your personal life off social media – If it is personal, keep it positive and uplifting. People don’t need any more ‘negative news’ in their head. The news is enough. 
19. Stop complaining. Someone laying in a hospital bed wishes they had your life
20. We’re all broke. We’re 20-somethings trying to find our way. You’re not a loser for living paycheck-paycheck — and eventually we will come out of the black hole. Student loans will die eventually
21. Take very good care of your parents. Call them daily, send them funny text-messages, or deliver ‘just because’ flowers to show you care. I’ve learned that roles start becoming reversed, it’s our turn to take care of our parents. 
22. Success isn’t measured in dollar signs — find what makes you passionate, and feed off those enjoyments. 
23. Take trips (no matter how broke you are) — Life is meant to be traveled, my biggest lessons have been learned outside my comfort zone. (Some of my favorite getaways require no airfare, get creative)
24. It’s okay to cry, a lot 
25. That so called ‘metabolism’ isn’t what it used to be. Your body is your temple, take care of it. Grab a friend, get outdoors, go for a hike + kill 2 birds with one stone… 
26. Be nice, it will get you so much further
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