25 Free Date Night Ideas


There’s more to date night then food, you know (Gasp!). Date nights are the perfect opportunity to learn more about each other, create memories and most importantly — to have fun! Going on dates doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. From going on a hike, to hosting an indoor campout — I’ve dug up the best ways to spend precious time with your significant other for free!



PS: I’m wearing this adorable satin dress with an open back! The best part? It’s under $35! A great look to take from day/night — Pair with a jean jacket, and lace-up sandals! Chicago’s forecast has me shopping like crazy! Can’t wait to share more looks soon!


  • Camp-out: Depending on where you live, pitch a tent in the backyard (or in the living room!) Enjoy s’mores, star-gazing & great conversation.
  • Explore: Pick a neighborhood you both have never visited, and explore the area. Scope out bakeries, boutiques & local bars for the next time you visit!
  • Video-game Showdown: Not just any video-game — let’s dust off that Nintendo 64! Super Mario Kart, anyone? It’s about to go down!
  • Trivia Night: A lot of cities host game-nights at local bars, and they’re all free. Surprise your date with that knowledge (or, if you’re anything like me — you can laugh at yourself for knowing 2/10 answers!)
  • 20 Questions: You each write down 20 questions for the other to answer — the key is honesty! I recently did this around a bonfire in Arizona, and I learned so much about my 3-year relationship that I had never known before!
  • Movies in the Park: Summertime is coming, so make sure to check-out the ‘movies in the park’ schedule in your community. (If you don’t have one nearby, it’s definitely worth the drive) They are usually classic movies that are on a jumbo screen. Just make sure to pack a bottle of wine, with plenty of snacks! Yum!
  • Twister: Ok, for real — when is the last time you broke-out Twister? Take a trip down memory lane with this fun workout!
  • Shoot Hoops: This is actually how I met my boyfriend — shooting hoops in the gym! Visit a local basketball court (outdoors) and have some fun with your date. You may impress them with your skills!




  • Local Brewery: There are numerous breweries that offer free tours, with samples included! It’s both educational, and delicious.
  • Try a new Workout: Did you know — most fitness companies offer a free class or week? A couple personal favorites: Core Power & Soul Cycle. Call around to some local fitness studios that you’ve been dying to try! Bring your date — and let the competition begin!
  • Cook Off: Have date-night in. Here’s the catch — you both cook for one another! Whip up that specialty (I would totally make rice-krispie treats)
  • Life is a Beach: Enjoy a beach day/night together — free, and relaxing.
  • Picnic: What’s better than gorgeous weather, nature and delicious food? Grab that picnic basket and head to your local park. Kick off your shoes, and enjoy each other’s company. I cannot wait to do this once it gets warmer! Hurry up, summertime Chicago.
  • Local Sports Games: I personally love taking a trip down memory lane. Grab a ticket to your high school football/baseball/soccer game (tickets are generally under $5 or free!) and enjoy some stadium-snacks with childhood stories! Reminiscing, it’s the best!
  • Breakfast in Bed: Happy weekend to you! Cook up some breakfast for one another, but make sure to eat it in bed! That’s the best part! Oh, and make sure to take another snooze post meal.
  • Go to the Zoo: Chicago has a free zoo in Lincoln Park, and it’s one of my favorite activities! It’s always fun to walk around, and laugh at the animals together. (The monkeys never fail to make me laugh!)
  • Surprise!: Surprise your significant other after work, and bring a bagged dinner. Eat together in a park, or at the beach.
  • Fondue: My name is Arin, and I’m a fondue-aholic. I seriously cannot get enough of that stuff! For those of you that don’t have one (purchase herehttps://bit.ly/1GkeZta) — They last for years, and make a $100 date-night a priceless one. I am a fan of cheese (pair with breads, and fruit) all super cheap at the grocery store! Don’t forget to dress up, and light candles.
  • Take a hike: Well, if you live in Chicago — kind of hard to do! But, you can still go for a walk, and explore new areas together. I’m an avid fan of evening walks, it settles me down from the crazy day! It’s also a great start to the weekend.
  • Dream Home: Drive around expensive neighborhoods and pick-out your dream home! The biggest one on the block! (But, seriously — do people actually live like this? Crazy!)
  • Museum: How often do you take advantage of nearby museums? If you’re anything like me, not much. The Art Institute of Chicago recently got an Andy Warhol donation! I cannot wait to go check it out! (Note: museums usually have free days/evenings — check the website for information)
  • Visit PickYourOwn.org to find a ‘pick-your-own’ farm near you! Pick fruits, veggies, flowers and more — don’t forget to create a delicious recipe to follow! I recommend a delicious mango salsa! Yummy!
  • Binge on Netflix: Yup, sometimes it’s okay to take a weekend to binge watch your favorite show. Recently, on my list? Parenthood. It honestly sparked conversation between the two of us, and got us chatting future/family.
  • Pizza Night: Yes, have a pizza party! Not just any pizza party, a make-your-own-pizza party! It’s so much fun to see what you each come up with. Extra cheese, please!
  • Animal Shelter: Go to your local animal shelter and play with the animals. Bonus if you bring a new friend home! XX


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