Every Pet Owner Needs This in Their Home

This post is sponsored by Home Depot. As always, opinions are entirely my own. Home Depot is one of my absolute favorite retailers, so this is a dream collaboration for Happily Inspired! 

{shop: Home Depot PetProof carpet, tufted headboard (I’m obsessed), white comforter, tufted white bench (cute to put at foot of the bed), white pouff (currently 70% off), blue tufted roll chairs, faux plant, another faux plant (since I can’t keep the real ones alive), White 6 drawer dresser, dresser mirror addition, floor length mirror, gold round wall mirror, white faux fur pillow, blush pillow, pom pom throw (comes in multiple colors), white bow shoes, sun hat}

I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make this house come to life! For those of you that follow along, you know that we purchased a house outside of Chicago last October. Having no rental restrictions is a serious game changer — the fact that we’re able to do anything/everything we want has me singing to the birdies. Ha. Most importantly, we were finally able to get my little fluff-ball, Frankie. At the condo we were renting downtown, no pets were allowed. I was officially that girl you’d see gasping on the sidewalks when I spotted a dog (Errr, I still do this). Animals make my soul happy, they fill my heart . Frankie brings so much joy, and mischief to our days — we wouldn’t have it any other way. Oh, and Harlow laughs so hard at her. It’s been pure joy watching their bond unfold!

Now that we’ve got the good stuff out, there’s obviously a price we pay to have this adorable pup in our lives. She’s 99% housebroken, which leaves 1% to your imagination. She also has a really sensitive stomach (I think it’s because she’s a smaller breed), causing her to get sick from time to time. We’ve taken her to the vet, and she’s healthy as can be! Unfortunately, on these occasions — our new home pays a price. We’ve used every carpet cleaner/steamer in the books, but it wasn’t a solution. In the mean time, we’d cover up with rugs (as you can see here, ha) but I recently discovered something every pet owner needs in their house:

PetProof Carpet! 

It’s a thing, people! My love for Home Depot runs deeper by the day. (Side note: Does anyone else have a major obsession with this place? Not to mention, the smell? Why does it smell SO good?) Home Depot carries an exclusive carpet line called PetProof. A few things that sold me on the addition:

  • Lifetime stain protection (this doubles the protection with kids, too!)
  • 100% Triexta making stains super easy to clean up
  • No dye sites in carpet fiber means carpet will never lose stain protection
  • 100% permanent, built-in stain protection that will never wash off, walk off or wear off and it’s easy to clean

We opted to have the PetProof carpet in our bedroom, since it was badly stained. They have dozens of choices, colors and textures to choose from. I picked the ‘Gazelle II – Color Appaloosa Texture 12 ft. Carpet. I wanted something bright to amplify the space. This room also gets the best natural lighting, so it was a no-brainer. Installation was a breeze. They not only disassembled/reassembled our furniture, but they were in/out in an hour! Installation is free on purchases more than $699. They also require a free in-home measure, and take care of the rest.

I also love the Gazelle II because you can see the vacuum marks. Am I the only one that gets extreme satisfaction from vacuum lines? I’m probably showing my age a bit here, but i’m serious! It’s the little things in life, truly. We added some memory foam, which is additional — but I wanted a semi-plush carpet in the bedroom. The team members are so knowledgable, and helpful. Everything from start to finish was completed in under a week. Installation times were aplenty, making it a big convenience to me. The carpet has transformed our space, and I love working from bed. It’s so bright, and airy. I can’t wait until the garden blooms (the previous owners did an amazing job with the landscaping) and color is all around us! 

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