Our new bundle: Harlow Autumn

August 30th, 3:18 am, our lives changed forever. Say hello to my little burrito, Harlow Autumn! 7lbs 7oz of pure chunky delight. She’s beyond delicious and we’re slowly adjusting to this new normal (hence the 4 week absence, eeeek!) She’s absolutely beautiful, and it’s so surreal that she’s actually here. Originally, I was due on September 4th (coincidentally, on our one year wedding anniversary!) but, she made her appearance one week early due to low fluids. Will share the birth story in the next few weeks, but for now, we’re soaking in those precious newborn snuggles. Still can’t believe how much they change day to day — craaaazy. She’s honestly so perfect, and already sleeping 4-hour stretches throughout the night. I’m obsessed with every sound! Oh, and she just started smiling. Can’t. handle. it.

Jennifer Kaye Photography

These past few weeks have also been incredibly challenging. Between breastfeeding/pumping — I’m on the struggle bus. If you follow along on Instagram, I’ve mentioned that my milk supply (or lack thereof) is sparse. It’s beyond frustrating as a new mama when you feel like you can’t provide and that guilt quickly sets in. I’ve been supplementing after feedings to keep my gal fat and happy! Fed is best, of course, but it’s been tough accepting this reality. I’m trying all of your tips — fenugreek, lactation cookies, brewers yeast, water & pumping. I’ll keep you updated with the progress! If you have any other advice, please share below. I’m trying it all, ha. Where are my milk mama’s at?

A little background on her name: I’ve always admired the name Harlow, just thought it was pretty, so there’s no significance other than that! Her middle name is after my favorite season of all, Autumn. We’ve also had a lot of ‘life events’ happen during this season: engagement, wedding, bought our first home & had our baby girl. Not to mention how beautiful, and colorful it is — just like our boo!

Can’t wait to share this journey with you. Please know that while this is my new reality, this won’t turn into a mommy-blog. Will certainly share motherhood posts along the way, but business will resume as usual! I have some fun collaborations coming up, so stay tuned! xx