Do you believe in Push Presents?

lemon dress

outfit details: (non-maternity) lemon print dress (under $45) | yellow mules | straw tote bag (similar) | round sunnies

I’m officially in the third trimester, and I’m in disbelief — Liiiike, where is the time going? Most importantly, I haven’t even started the nursery. This is coming from the gal that did her wedding seating chart 2 days before (feels good to finally get that out there). I did, however, order the wallpaper and I cannot wait to share more! Eeeek! I also scheduled her newborn photos, so things are slowly starting to get checked off. (very slowly) With baby K’s arrival quickly underway, and nerves escalating —it got me thinking about something that’s been gaining popularity over the years: push presents.

I mean, nine months of growing a human inside of you (pregnancy symptoms and all), labor, labor, labor and plenty of pushing. It’s not easy! I may be bias, but I think us mama’s deserve a treat for all of that hard work, no!? (obviously, the babe is a BIG treat in itself, but you catch my drift). I think we get under the impression that push presents have to be these elaborate diamond gifts, but they can fit any budget. Anything to bring an extra smile to the super hero who just delivered life! I’m sharing my 3 top reasons for why push presents are totally legit. Curious to hear your thoughts below!



KEEPSAKEObviously, the birth of your child is major, and you won’t forget it. A keepsake is simply to remind you of the special day. Every single time you look down at your charm bracelet/necklace/ring/etc, you’ll bring it back to the hospital room. It will be something to cherish forever, even when they’re off to college. It may be something you pass down to your kids, too?!

SPOTLIGHTI mean, let’s face it — the past nine months have been all about the baby. Those amazing shower gifts are for the baby. What about mama? A push present is a great way to bring some light to the mother. You both deserve attention, and affection. Oh, and gifts!

YOU KICKED BUTT: I mean, hello! Marathon runners even get a metal — You just gave life! I think that hard work deserves a little (or a lot) something. Don’t you?






What’s your take on push presents? Yay or nay? Would love to hear from you below!