Oh, baby!

pregnancy announcement idea

This is the most exciting, emotional, amazing blog post that I’ve ever written! I’m also the worst secret-keeper ever, so I’m happy to finally share the news with all of you. I’M PREGNANT! Pop the champagne! (errrr, sparkling juice — this one is still taking some getting used to).

For as long as I could remember I’ve dreamt of becoming a mother. Seriously, I probably told Kevin on our 3rd date, haha. I mean, maybe it was even the first? Who knows. Despite our 4 year age-difference (Kevin’s 26!) he’s also shared the same life aspirations as me. Family is so incredibly important to both of us, so the fact that this is becoming a reality — pure joy. 

Pregnancy is the weirdest/amazing experience I’ve ever gone through. I can’t get over the fact that I’m growing a human. Talk about trippy! The human body is just amazing. In fact, at a ripe 15 weeks — baby is already making facial expressions, able to sense light, and can even bend their knees/elbows! I mean, what?! (I’m using the Ovia app, which I highly recommend). Everyday is a new milestone, and it’s so fun to see what new tricks they’re able to do next. 

Pregnancy is unlike anything I thought it would be, too. I’m continuously worrying. Is the baby healthy? happy? comfortable? Friends tell me that this is completely normal — Just preparing me for the ‘real deal’. Oh, and it’s so hard waiting in-between those ultrasounds! I would seriously go everyday if I could. Anyone else?

I’m also feeling absolutely fantastic. Seriously, I don’t even feel pregnant. I’ve always had a sensitive stomach, so I’ve always envisioned a tough/nauseous pregnancy for myself. So not the case! It’s a blessing/curse, though. Often times, I wish I felt a little more — to ensure everything is going A-OK down there. I guess the baby knows I’m a wimp at pain (Daddy says thank-you!)

Now that I’m officially out of my first trimester, I thought I’d answer some questions FAQ:


The day after Christmas! Here’s a funny story — I took the test out of boredom. My husband was out working for the day, and as I was cleaning the house, I found one. I thought, why not?! Went to clean for the majority of the day (totally forgetting that I took the test) and when I walked past the counter — There were 2 PINK LINES! I mean, total surprise! We had absolutely no idea! I wrapped them up in a box, and told my husband that there was one more Christmas gift. Little did he know … (and me!)


ABSOLUTELY, YES! For all of you that can wait — power to you. I am so incredibly impatient. We find out in exactly one week! Cannot wait to share! The countdown is on.


Little to none. I think there were 2 days where I threw up a little bit. I’m still convinced it was the flu, but my husband thinks otherwise, ha!


I did lose my appetite for a few weeks in the beginning. I probably lost 10 pounds. Slowly gaining it back — my appetite is back in full swing! Yay! I’ve been experiencing headaches/migraines. Although, I’ve always had regular headaches — it’s the no Advil part that’s tough. So, I’m not sure if that’s pregnancy related/not. Other than being tired, nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve been so incredibly grateful so far. I know, nuts! Has anyone else experienced little-no symptoms? I’d love to hear below!


When I lost my appetite in the beginning, I was so incredibly nervous. My doctor reassured me that it’s completely normal, and to not stress. He gave me a great piece of advice, ‘if you’re in the mood for anything, listen to those cravings no matter how unhealthy’ — Let’s just say, there were a couple weeks where the only thing I could eat was Steak N’ Shake burgers! So classy, right? I seriously had it 4 days in a row one week! Haha. Oh, pregnancy. I’ve also had a taste for steak (unlike me) sprite and sweets. I went through an entire bag of airheads in 2 days. I have no self control.


Yup. I have coffee everyday. It helps suppress my headaches, and I love the taste of it. I limit myself to 1-2 cups a day, although, my doctor says 3 cups is totally safe. Again, everyone is different.

Stay tuned for more pregnancy updates! I am so excited to share more! xx 

Photos via Steph M Photo