5 Reasons to Send Snail Mail | Papyrus

Handwritten cards are taking on the runway, literally! I’m excited to announce a fashionistas’ dream — Designer Leyla Rose has partnered with Papyrus (my obsession — Does anyone else spend hours in this store?) for the ultimate collaboration. We’re talkin’ cards with a fashionable flair, and snail-mail twist!



Leyla Rose x Papyrus is channeling my inner-fashion-gal and I can’t wait to share the love with close friends/family. From ball-gown dresses, to vibrant colors, chic gift-wrap (see above) and decorative designs; it’s a guaranteed ‘bravo’ and I’m so excited to be part of something so wonderful and fab!


It’s no secret that everyone loves receiving cards in the mail — it’s the most genuine, organic way to send a love-note. In a digital age where cards are indeed becoming obsolete, it’s important to keep the significance alive than ever before! (Step away from the Gmail).



  • It’s like sending love and hugs: You know that feeling when you receive an unexpected letter in the mail? It’s the best feeling ever! A virtual ‘hug’ and ‘kiss’ that takes you somewhere warm.
  • Letters are keepsakes: If you’re anything like me, you keep the letters/cards that you receive. I always like taking a trip down memory lane when I read them (sometimes, years later).
  • You can get creative: Just like the Leyla Rose x Papyrus collaboration — There are many opportunities to go crazy, and have a little fun. Treat your envelope/card as a blank canvas, and add some unique flair. Watercolor paint on an envelope is a fun DIY hack! It also adds a lot of color for another ‘wow’ factor upon receiving!
  • You’ll probably get a letter back: Perhaps this will spark an exchange?! Does anyone remember pen pals? Those were the good old days! Bring those back with some of your friends!
  • You’ll stand out: When everyone else is writing a simple ‘Happy Birthday’ on a Facebook wall, you’ll stand-out with a physical note! It not only makes them feel really special, and loved — it’s a fun way to celebrate your special day.
This post is sponsored by Papyrus. As always, opinions are entirely my own! Thanks for supporting brands that make Heart of Chic possible! xx