DIY Marble Mugs

Marble is having a moment, and I cannot get enough! I find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest, and couldn’t resist these gorgeous mugs! This DIY only costs a few dollars to make, and it’s easy — We’re talkin’ under 10 minutes. Bonus: You probably have these items laying around your house; my favorite kind of DIY! These mugs are a great holiday gift — and the handmade factor will blow it out of the park! Personally, I’m obsessed with grey+white marble, so I used grey nail-polish (yes, nail-polish) to seal the deal. The outcome is fantastic — Invite your girlies over for a fun craft night! Make sure to tag me on Instagram!

diy marble mugs



  • mugs (I purchased mine at Target for $1.99 each!)
  • toothpicks
  • disposable container (you will dispose after project is complete)
  • nail polish (all of the colors you desire!)


  1. Fill your disposable container halfway with hot water.
  2. Pour a drop/two of nail polish into the water. Important: The closer you hold the nail-polish bottle to the surface of water, the better. The goal is to keep the drops floating atop, and not falling to the bottom.
  3. Gently, use your toothpick to swirl the nail-polish around.
  4. Dip your mug into the water: and remove immediately. IMPORTANT: you do not want to dip the entire mug — just the bottom half. (for your health)
  5. Pat the mug dry with a paper towel (you can use nail-polish remover to patch up unwanted spots)
  6. Let sit for 2 hours, and repeat for additional colors.