Olive Oil Ice Cream | Gluten Free Recipe

olive oil ice cream

Sometimes, simple is best; and that’s more than fine with me! (I get to enjoy my dessert faster, ha!) — Now that I’m in my late 20’s, I’m open to trying new things. I used to be the pickiest eater on the planet, so I’m finally having some fun in the kitchen. It’s no secret that I enjoy the sweeter things in life, and I’m totally guilty of the late-night ice-cream cravings. I always keep a tub in the freezer; it’s my treat for getting through the day! I recently discovered the most simple pairing that changed my ice-cream game — olive oil. (I could seriously bathe in that stuff, I’m addicted). It’s savory, smooth & decadently delicious. I opted for a simple recipe, but I definitely want to try this one next. It’s a great presentation piece: aka Instagram.



Don’t you love my ice-cream glass? It’s from my bath-salts! (Thanks, Virgin Hotels!) I used to be the gal that through these things away; but now I’m getting all Martha Stewart up in here! Try getting creative with glass-ware; it really adds a unique touch, and your guests will certainly enjoy! So, what’s your take on olive oil ice-cream? Have you tried it before?! Don’t forget to check-out some more recipes here! 



  • lemon zest
  • vanilla ice-cream (I used gluten free)
  • pinch of salt
  • olive oil


  1. Place one scoop of ice-cream in a bowl, and push down with your spoon.
  2. Add a thin layer of olive oil (a tablespoon or so) and some lemon zest
  3. Repeat steps 1-2
  4. Finish with a pinch of salt, and lemon zest
  5. Enjoy!