what’s in my bag

style blogger
I’ve recently been inspired to share ‘what’s in my bag’ thanks to Madewell, and their #totewell contest. I just love seeing what everyone takes around with them day to day! I think it says a lot about someone. My bag on the other hand — she does work! I’m always carrying my life around (the bigger the bag, the better!) Here’s what’s inside: 
1. Shades: My Marc Jacob sunglasses go everywhere with me. 
2. Makeup Bag: I just love this Forever 21 makeup bag — A great organizer for all my odds & ends!
3. Wallet: I prefer having a small wallet that fits my essentials (credit cards, duh!) 
4: Journal: I always keep a journal with me — You never know what will inspire you! 
5: Umbrella-ella: It’s that time! Showers, on showers — Chicago, we miss the sun! (similar here
6: Perfume: Always keep a fresh stick of perfume with you! I am loving Juicy Couture at the moment.
7: Apple: Apples have been all the craze lately! Can’t believe they have more caffeine than a cup of coffee! Who knew? 
8: Candy: I’m a candy-addict — Always have something sweet to munch on!
9: Magazine: Living in a big city, I take public transportation, so I always have a magazine on hand to pass the time. 
10: MAC Lipstick: Always have a tube of lipstick — I’m loving this new line from MAC. (A lipstick/lipgloss duo) 
11: Fresh Flowers: Tis the season for farmers markets, and fresh flowers! I made it a goal to have flowers on my desk everyday. 
12: iPhone: And, last but certainly not least — My iPhone lifeline. One of these days, I’m going to leave it at home though, promise! 
So, what’s in your bag? Share below! XX