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Michele Collins | Blush Owner and blogger

Readers, you’re in for a treat! If you have yet to discover the gal behind ‘Blush‘ — prepare to be inspired. Michele launched Blush in 2004 with one goal in mind: ‘Inspiring customers with atmosphere, style and fashion.’ Michele’s attention to detail is unlike anything I’ve seen — Must have something to do with the 44 thousand Instagram followers! I get lost in her photos, truly. Michele’s social media is part of my inspiration to capture detail in my daily life. Blush makes everyday objects appear so dreamy — and that’s not an easy task! I am beyond honored to have this fashion-celeb on Heart of Chic. Catch the interview below, and don’t forget to stop by her Instagram. PS: I am planning a trip out to Canada specifically for this shop! I have got to see this magic in person 🙂 Anyone care to join?!

Inside Blush 
How did you come up with the name, ‘Blush Shop?
We are actually just called Blush. When we created our website … it just stuck and it seems it has caught on. I think that most people know about us and call us Blushshop. 

What is your inspiration?
I love to be inspired and to be around creative supportive people. I think that is what helps keep me going! 
Best piece of advice you’ve received?
You are going to laugh.. but in order  to encourage me to be confident when I was young my mom said….. “fake it till you make it” Sometimes when I’m unsure or nervous.. I think fake it till you make it… it always seems to give me the confidence to just believe in myself and do it! 

Describe your style
I would probably describe as feminine, classic with a twist!

Most rewarding aspect of Blush Shop?
Most rewarding part of Blush is being Creative. I am so lucky to be able to get creative with styling, displays and assisting my customers in finding their style! That’s pretty amazing! 

Congratulations on 44,000 IG followers! Any IG tips for aspiring bloggers?
I might be a wee bit addicted to Instagram! It’s just too fun! My only tip is… have fun with it. For me… I am pretty select with what I take photos of because it is a representation of my brand… and the Blush Experience! I don’t take a photo unless I love it and it puts a smile on my face! 
Latest Splurge:
Probably a cow hide rug for our home! Just warms up the room ….definitely a piece for our house that my husband and I both were on board with! 
Starbucks Order:
I love a tall skinny vanilla latte. 
Currently listening to:
Currently at the shop I’m listening to Valerie Carpentier. Pretty french music for our boutique. 
Favorite recipe:
I must admit.. I don’t really cook. My husband loves to cook.  My current favourite recipe that I whip up is roasted broccoli with almonds. Pretty tasty with a zing of lemon. 

Favorite item in Blush shop:
When it comes to my favourite blush item.. it changes frequently. Right now I’m loving this gorgeous rose cardigan from one of our French lines we carry at the shop Des Petits Hauts. That perfect hit of colour and transition piece into spring. 

Outfit of choice:
Lately, because of the freezing cold winter we have had here seems to be boyfriend jeans, cozy cable sweater and a pointy toe heel. Classic and cozy. 

Favorite ‘Blush Shop’ moment?
I have so many great moments over my Blush filled years. I would say my opening  day stays with me as my greatest. I was so scared and excited to start this adventure.

What are you reading?
I am just gearing up to find a new book. I love a good biography or business/marketing book. For some reason I can’t get into fiction! 

Favorite Quote: 
I love words of inspiration and quotes to motivate…but I think my favourite is “Do what you Love”  

Bonus: Blush conquered land, so takes the wheel! Yes, Blush is mobile, too! And it’s almost as good (if not equal) to the store! I mean, a shop that comes to you? Can we say, genius? Michele calls it BOW ‘Blush on Wheels’ — What a great girls night out, right? Book your event here. Does this mean that BOW can cruise to Chicago? Going to have to bribe a certain owner! 😉 

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