10 Ways to Wake up Happier Every Morning



‘Think happy thoughts and they will shine from your face like sun beams, and you will always look lovely’ -Roald Dahl

I posted this story on Glitter Guide, but wanted to share with all of you! Please remember to spread love, kindness & always surround yourself with positivity. I thought we could use some pick-me-ups this morning after a long night. Love to all of my readers, and shine on! xx

If you’re not a morning person (raises both hands) The struggle is real each morning. Whether you’re repeatedly pressing snooze, reaching for an XL coffee, or sprinting to your AM meeting from over-sleeping — we feel you. For most of us, we’re glued to schedules and daily routines which force us out the door; but we want you to get excited to start a new day. Yes, it’s possible. To add a sunnier start to your day, we’re sharing 10 morning-hacks that will have you singing with the birds in no time! Waking up early is scientifically proven to boost energy, metabolism and moods. (I’ll take one of each, please!)

  1. Flower Power: Psychologists believe that we see flowers as a ‘safe haven’ — The sight of a colorful bouquet in the morning makes us happy. Personally, I keep fresh blooms on my nightstand so it’s the first thing I see. (It’s my favorite weekend activity!) Experts also suggest that people who do this wake up happier, less anxious and more energetic at work. Sometimes, it really is the small things! PS: Mine are only $5.99 from Trader Joe’s! Cheaper than your morning soy lattè!
  2. Go to Bed Earlier: Set your sleep-timers! Get your smart phones out of your face! Bright screens are a no-go when it comes to a positive sleep pattern. Experts suggest that falling asleep an hour earlier (only an hour!) will boost optimism, alertness and productivity. It will also help you rise a little easier in the morning. Sweet dreams, babes.
  3. Wake up Earlier: Yup, there’s a catch. If you’re falling asleep earlier, you get to rise earlier! There’s a long-list of benefits associated with waking up earlier, and it certainly has a huge effect on how the rest of your day goes.
  4. Sleep Naked: Experts also suggest a long-list of benefits to sleeping naked — but, you’ll wake up feeling sexier and that definitely counts for something!
  5. Shades for Days: If the sun is out and about (we miss it in Chicago) — grab a pair of shades! The sun makes you squint which can bring down your mood (who would have thought?!)
  6. Stay off Social Media: If you’re anything like me — you’re checking e-mail, Instagram, & FB from bed. Stop! Without realizing it, social media can trigger feelings which may/may not start you off on the right foot. Each morning spent away from technology is a great thing! Give this a week, and see where you’re at. Guarantee you’ll be happier!
  7. Wake up to a Clean Space: Do all of your tidying up before bed. When you wake up in a clean space — you’ll feel refreshed, and peaceful. The messier the room, the messier your mind. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
  8. Smile: Regardless of how you feel, try to smile. Even better: smile at yourself in the mirror. Laugh if you must — but it’s definitely worth a try!
  9. Inspire Yourself: Start off each day with something inspirational. I absolutely love Pinterest (it always sparks my creative juices). An encouraging podcast, or book are also great alternatives!
  10. Stretch: My fiancé stretches each morning for 25 minutes. He says it does wonders for his mood, energy & metabolism. He hasn’t gone a day without stretching in a year! I have yet to get on this bandwagon, but I’ll certainly add it to my list of morning musts!

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