Anthropologie Swing Dress | 10 Tips to a Better Life

anthro swing dress

Retail therapy; it’s a thing. After a long, exhausting, not-so-great work week — I took it upon myself to turn that frown upside down! Sometimes, all you need is a pretty dress, and lipstick for an instant pick-me-up! (Who’s with me, ladies?) Naturally, I ventured off to Anthropologie to get lost in pretty details, and yummy scents. (Seriously, could that store smell any better?!) Sometimes, we need to treat ourselves; and have a little fun. I wore it to my engagement celebration with my best friends; so it was extra special. Chicagoans: Make sure to check-out Pomp & Circumstance for cocktails; we’re talkin’ pineapple glasses, and adorable china. Woot! Ok, back to my outfit — I immediately fell in love with the ruffled-bell sleeve, and floral pattern. Seriously, I have an obsession with sleeves! (Not my first rodeo; view my other post here). It’s whimsical, chic & beyond cozy! I paired with ankle booties, and floppy hat to give it more of a casual twist. Easily dress up with pumps, and black tights (especially with the weather changing) — Don’t forget to add a bright red lip! So classy!

PS: This dress is currently 20% off with code: dresscode (enter at check-out)



With my not-so-great work week, came a good reminder to embrace the challenges, and strive to do better. Below, I’m sharing 10 quick tips to a better life; Instead of dwelling on the negative, make sure to focus on all the great things you have going on, too! (Something I’m constantly working on) A gratitude journal is a great way to start! Anything you would add?


  1. Declutter your space; start living more simply and embrace organization.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people who motivate, and support you.
  3. Never stop learning: Teach yourself something new — perhaps, a new instrument or computer program; Remember: YouTube has just about anything, and everything for free!
  4. Stretch daily: Seriously, this is a great way to start your day, and the benefits are never-ending. You’ll not only be more flexible, but you’ll feel better mentally too!
  5. Say no more: You don’t have to say yes to everything. Bloggers: With so many events, and opportunities: make sure to take care of yourself, too. It’s okay to say no!
  6. Floss: You’ll feel like a million bucks (it’s the small things that go a long way!)
  7. Slow down: Meetings, conference calls, kids, commutes, soccer games — the list is never-ending. Remember to slow down! Don’t over-do your daily schedule; always put yourself first! Moms: I’m talking to you, too!
  8. Judge others less: We’re always so quick to judge; knick this habit in the bum.
  9. Check e-mail less: I legit have an e-mail obsession; I probably check it 2,000 times a day. Make sure to limit your emails to a certain time window (the rest can wait for tomorrow)
  10. Live your purpose: Leave the job that’s making you depressed; You’ll find another avenue to make ends meet.













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